A Class Divided

I watched the movie A Class Divided, I really enjoyed this movie I was really intrigued to this movie. Some things that I have found interesting is that the teacher was using the student’s own mistakes and using them for examples. Also, she uses the student’s eye as the example (A Class Divided). She was really using the students different eye color at. Some things that the teacher would do is calling a certain eye color dumb or having a certain eye color makes you less qualified to do something.

I have blue eye color and so I feel like that is a fairly common eye color to have. In the movie if you have blue eyes you were smarter, nicer, and neater than people with brown eyes. As a kid I feel like that would make me so happy that my teacher told me that. Now I would think that the teacher is just trying to mess around with us or to make us feel better.

I would also probably think that the teacher was just trying to mess with us or play a joke on us. Something that I found interesting was that the teacher recording their students during all of this and so now so many years later they are re watching themselves. Also, they are seeing what they could do differently.

I think that the teacher did a good job of getting he point across and so I think that some of the things that she did could’ve been bad if she had a really sensitive student.

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I know that for me if she was picking on me like that, I wouldn’t like that at all. I would most likely think that the teacher was being mean to me and didn’t like me. I am a pretty sensitive person when it comes to my feelings, but I have been working on it and it has gotten better. I think that for s teacher who was going to try to do this, the students need to be prepared ahead of time. In this time period some students are very sensitive and with all of the social media that we have now. A teacher could really easily get in trouble for doing this to a student now because of the way that it would come off now.

I know that back then teachers could have more leeway with certain things. Now with all of the technology that we have and different things that could happened to something. I think that the teacher would really need to have a good administration and a good group of parents that would back the teacher up if anything were to happen. I also thought that the teacher brought what she was teaching outside to the community. I think that this could be a really good team building exercise assignment to do. It would be interesting to see if the people that blue eyes have help the brown eyed people feel better about themselves, in the movie the workers were in human relations and it would be interesting to see how this whole thing would affect them in working.

For a blue eye it wouldn’t be as bad. For a brown eyed human it would be interesting to see if what she says has an effect on how they work, if it is positive or in a negative way. I feel like the teacher in this movie did a really good job of getting her point across, but I feel like it could’ve been different. When the teacher brought this to the prison for some of the employees, I thought that it was a good idea, but they also didn’t have to do that to. Some of the different exercise that she did throughout the movie were cool in the way that it really made the students look at things that they said or do. It its really cool to think about how as a teacher you can really make a student think that hard about a certain situation about some things. Throughout the movie I did not feel any cognitive dissonance towards the movie.

In the movie I was thinking about the teacher was talking about how blue eyes people can do this, but brown eye people can’t do this. When I was in middle school, I had a teacher who believed that just because I was a girl and had blue eyes that I could get out of any situation. During class the teacher would always look at me and make sure I wasn’t doing anything I wasn’t supposed to be doing. When we had a substitute, I would always be watched by them because the teacher would put down that we would cause trouble.

In this class there were five students including me who had this same problem which sucks because we were never doing anything to make the teacher mad. Something that I learned that was interesting is that the students that were in that class came back so many years later and were reflecting about the video. I would use this in my classroom, I think that it was a good tool and made all of those students think about what they said or did. For some of the students see back what they did they were a little embarrassed about how they acted. In one of my class that I took last year, we had written a letter about how we were feeling and what we are thinking. At the end of the semester we were going to get it back and see what has changed if anything.

When I read mine, I was shocked about how much I have changed what I am feeling on the first day of college. I think that at the end of all of that I really shocked myself by being in college. I also know that in a couple of my class we do weekly reflections that help us see where we are at in knowing the information and what we still need to study to. I think that this is good for anybody to look at. I want to be a special education teacher and elementary teacher; I know that for the students they don’t do as much reflections as middle school and high school students would do. Still I think that you could find a way to still have special education and elementary students do a reflection about what they know. It could be as easy as just like a color test or spelling.

I know that in high school you would do a whole other reflection about what you thought went well and what didn’t go so well. I think is so big and could help the students but also other students who may still need help learning the information. I know that in some of the concepts in math class in high school another student teaching it to me was better than the teacher trying to teach it to me again. In math class I didn’t know how to do this line graph problem and so I would try to learn it from the teacher. One day we got new seats and the new person I sat next to teach me that in less than 15 minutes, and I had been trying to learn it for three days.

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