A Civil Action Movie Notes

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Dead child worth least of all
Schlichtmann received a call from Anne Anderson because her son died 12 deaths from leukemia >> 8 are children
Water from two city wells are contaminated by TCE
Case was kicked from firm to firm

It’s a hard case because it is most likely unproven
Apology from “who?” >> the defendant is sure to have some professionals >> case might not be winnable Beatrice and WR Grace are the perpetrators
Lawsuits begin with the complaint
Will Cheeseman: lawyer for WR Grace
Jerome Facher: lawyer for Beatrice

Charges in the complaint: negligence, conscious pain and suffering, wrongful death Rule 11: civil law suits
Facher: knock a guy down, knock him in a way that he can’t get up again “it’s about this…-showing pictures of little kids-
Walter J. Skinner: judge
MOTION: cheesman (motion to dismiss): schmn. Had no evidence >> no real investigation >> no research RULE 11 is a nonissue because it’s so old

Team of geologist and engineers are needed to show if the wells are actually contaminated 6 barrels were found in the back, in a pit
Solvent…in barrels
They get dumped out back, in the ground (witness)
Immune system of kids: tore down to nothing
He was doing well, and he looked fine…it was abrupt
Facher: “these people can never testify”
Silicon and TCE are used to waterproof leather

Silicon is poured on…so some of the spill will fall off of the ground 50 more barrels that city inspector didn’t find
“dump it out there in the gulley”
Or dump it in a ditch
Pour it into a pit
Dump it into the swimming pool
Lawsuit: compel the others to settle
Schmann wants 25 mil cash…and another 25 mil to establish a research
foundation to establish link between chemicals and illness…1.

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5 mil annually for families for 30 years Facher claims that Schmnn wants money

Geological evidence has to come first; there needs to be proof that the chemicals reach the wells first before the parents of victims can testify The questions were confusing
Facher offer a 20 mil settlement for Beatrice
WR Grace: Yes on Q1

Beatrice: No on all questions >> case has ended for them
Grace offer 8 million >> Schmnn said that he owed the families more than that 375 K per family
The companies aren’t going to clean up the place
Anne was not interested in money >> she still wanted the apology >> she said that he said that they apologized with their checkbooks >> Schmnn said sorry, but Anne said it was not meaningful The families even lost more that the lawyers

Dump trucks full of scraps >> kids playing with fire…the water went up in flames Riley told the worker to keep his mouth shut with Celtic tickets APPEAL
Judge Skinner found that John Riley deliberately concealed evidence at the trial. His tanner was torn down in 1990. WR Grace was indicted by the Grand Jury for making false statements to the EPA regarding its use of TCE, acetone, and toluene. The company pleaded no contest to the acetone charge. Its Woburn plant was closed in 1990 Two companies paid 69.4 mil to clean up

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