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A chance of hope Essay

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Charles Dickens was a successful novelist who was born at around 1812, he was a social campaigner. He was a great storyteller who told tremendous stories. He was concerned about poor, people living of the streets that were living of literarily nothing and whose day jobs were to go round pick pocketing. He wanted to make people see what was happening and the best way to do that was to say it with a story. With this story he didn’t just want them to see what was happening he wanted to grab their attention and make them help, help by donating to the charities that were already trying to help but struggling as not enough was being given.

He wrote the message in ‘A Christmas Carol’, which had massive sales, 6000 in two weeks, which in those days was a huge amount Dickens creates a powerful character. A man, a man of misery, but also a miser. The saying, don’t judge a book by its cover does not apply here as he is cold throughout. He has no mercy for anybody at all, He creates a character through description as well as imagination. ” Solitary as an Oyster” is used. This is a good phrase because he never lets anyone else share his feelings. He tries and keeps away from the world as much as possible.

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The description of him shows how evil and cold, “nipped his pointed nose, shrivelled his cheek, stiffened his gait, made his eyes red, his thin lips blue. ” This appearance shows that he is cold all the way through even in hot temperatures. The way the poor react to scrooge demonstrates that he cares for no one and won’t stop for anyone in need. “Blind men’s dogs appeared to know him and even when they saw him coming they would pull their owners into doorways” this shows that he wouldn’t care about them and push them aside or shout abuse at them.

Dickens introduces 3 characters to show scrooges shortcomings as an employer, relation and citizen. He is shown as a bad employer due to the fact that he has no care for his employees, thinking that they shouldn’t be giving them heating and that they should be just working. He also threatens them with unemployment to stop them moaning about them moaning about the cold. He also tries to top Christmas day being a day off for the workers and complains that he has to pay for that day off. ” You don’t think I am ill used when I pay a days wages for no work!

” which shows that he is very much a miser and has no Christmas spirit. Scrooge also lacks family values and the Christmas spirit, to emphasize his meanness, he is placed in contrast with his nephew, they are completely opposite his nephew is nice and good willed whereas scrooge is bad tempered and selfish. “Merry Christmas” says the nephew. “What right Have you to be merry? You have hardly a penny. ” Which is critical thinking that only people with money can be happy even though he has loads and is always moody, which means he probably thinks everyone should have no Christmas spirit

” Don’t be angry uncle come dine with us tomorrow. ” Says the nephew showing that scrooge being mean and rude to his face does still not affect him. “Humbug” scrooge says which in other words means he does not care for a dinner with his only relative and has no care for Christmas or having a family. With the charity collectors scrooge is shown as misanthropic, obsessed and selfish and many others. In this quote he says, “If they’d rather die they’d better hurry up and do it and decrease the surplus population.

” It isn’t hard to see that this man has no heart and is inhumane. He also says to them when they ask for a donation what he wants to be put down as, in which he replies “nothing”, “What you wish to remain anonymous. ” ” No I wish to be left. ” Showing that he does not want to be disturbed and like the phrase at the beginning being “as solitary as an Oyster. With this Dickens shows the readers how most people are with charity collectors and how selfish they actually look. And how much a miser people can be.

This would enlighten people on how stubborn people are not even just giving a few pence. With the arrival of Marleys ghost offered Scrooge the chance to change. The ghost wears a chain with all his moneyboxes, locks and links. It is the chain he has “forged in life” because he has done many bad deeds from each link is a bad deed like throwing beggars out of the way or being mean to blind people. He is keen to explain to Scrooge that “man kind was his business and that it should be Scrooges.

” He predicts the visit of 3 spirits who will give scrooge ” a chance of hope” Dickens is using the ghost to place this “ghost of an idea” in the readers minds that they should give to charity and be good. The ghost of Christmas past comes in to show of when scrooge was in his school days and how his parents just left him at his boarding school during Christmas, and that all he did was work while his friends went home. This shows the reason why he started off hating Christmas due to all that he had when he was young was loneliness.

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