A case study on a male Filipino immigrant Essay

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A case study on a male Filipino immigrant

Filipino Americans are now the second largest Asian group in the United State according to the 2,000 census report. Many of their family are intergenerational where parents are surrogated parents for young family. Knowledge of the history of the immigration and the discrimination period are essential to understand the background and the experiences of the Filipino American and is an approach to provide health care to a mental Filipino man who was brought to the clinic.

Developing a rational philosophy of life is a major construct. Dryden (1992) noted that the purpose of a rational philosophy is to identify beliefs that lead to survival, satisfaction with living, affirmative ways of linking with a few others, and personality fulfillment events. Ellis, (1996) noted that commitment to scientific method is an aspect that helps to give up dysfunctional beliefs that can lead to emotional distress and infection behavior. Certain values promote emotional adjustment and mental health, (Ellis, 1987).

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These values include; self-acceptance, risk-taking, non-utopian, high frustration tolerance, self responsibility for disturbance, self-interest, social interest, self-direction tolerance, flexibility, acceptance of uncertainty, and commitment. Events and other people do not make us feel bad or good; rather, emotional distress results from dysfunctional thought process such as exaggeration, and overgeneralization (Ellis, 1996). Therefore, the ideal approach to reduce emotional suffering is by adjusting the way people think.

Irrational beliefs come from various environment and generic factors which people pass through and continue to familiarize themselves without evaluating their thinking, (DisGleppe, 1999). Irrational beliefs can be altered through continual thinking. If possible, the client should disclose his feelings to therapist so as to enable the therapist understand the nature of his distress and hence be able to establish modality of counseling the client. According to Ellis (1997), all human think irrationally and dysfunctionally to varying degrees regardless of their radical thinking.

Ego disturbance and discomfort disturbances are the two major psychological disturbances, (Dryden and Ellis, 2001). When one fails to met an ego demand, he/she will identify as bad, while when one fails to meet the discomfort disturbance, the individual will feel dreadful. The councilors always aimed at helping the clients develop a rational philosophy of life that will reduce their emotional distress, and self-defeating behavior and eventually regain happier life, (Dryden, 1996). The councilor help the clients discover their irrational beliefs that cause emotional and behavioral disturbances. They also educate the clients how they worried themselves and how they release such trouble. By so doing the clients will realized the root cause of their distress and eventually look for change.

Conclusion The immigration of Filipino affects their health situation as they attempted to adapt to their new environment. They developed emotional and behavioral disturbances which reduced their rational thinking. Understanding their historical experiences and educating them on how they became disturbed was the best method used to council them.

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