A Case Study of Undercover Advertising in Public Square

The fabrication of news articles is a topic of concern among all journalist of the past and present. In the textbook, this concern is investigated via Steven glass among other instances where journalism has been fabricated. This is an interesting read, going into deep detail about the trust readers have with the journalists they gravitate too, and how it is the job of this media to respect this trust the readers give. An important point to add as well, is the reasonability held by journalists when it comes to the news: mainly, the reasonability of the media to keep the public informed of current events, all while maintaining the reliability and truthfulness of those who hold authoritative positions.

It is because of this sensitive balance the media must maintain that fabrication of news should be taken so seriously. Fabrication of news breaks the trust of the audience, and ultimately can ruin a company all potentially because of a single journalist’s bad decision.

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The world of journalism is a touchy entity, mainly because of the immense power it holds. We live in a world with leaders to decide how our city, state, and country will be run, but Journalists have an incredible amount of power in getting those people to office.

Take any recent presidential election and you will see this phenomenon in action: FOX news, a station known for holding a primarily right-wing opinion, always amplifies the republican representatives running for president, while the democratic leaders often get absolutely torn apart by their narrowly focused ideals.

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CNN is often guilty of this act as well, being primarily left-wing and offering much higher detailed coverage into the republican representative’s personal life. In these instances, it would be impertinent to thoroughly research each politican and create a well informed and researched response on who would be fit for the position of president of the United States. Because this is not the case – especially in the past decade or so – The opinions of the public are often swayed very easily by the points these websites cover that more often than not are quite false. This is a major implication of fabricating news, that affects both the media and society itself. Because the impact the media can have on society is not only huge but difficult to define, it remains the case that journalists should be held in high responsibility for news to be completely accurate. Opinions of the public are so easily swayed by headlines they view on their facebook pages. Fake information in articles like these does an intense disservice to the public and creates a fake knowledge of current events that can sway decisions in future political votes. Could falsified journalism mean the demise of our political system?

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