A Case of an English Teacher Practicing Academic Dishonesty

The case that forms the basis of this discussion is Thinking Critically about Ethical Issues, Case 4e, and pi 108i It involves learners who are having difficulty in grasping important concepts in learning English despite the fact that their career path does not need perfect mastery of English skills. The parties that are involved in this case include the English teacher, the students, and the institutions. The institution in this case has provided clear guidelines that in order for any student to graduate, they must pass all their courses.

This is a key guiding aspect in this case, the moral issue, in this case, includes the decision made by the English teacher in awarding the students a D grade despite having failed the course.

This decision is morally wrong since it contravenes the guidelines that have been put in place by the institution and it is clear that the English teacher is well aware of what is expected and focuses on giving the students undue assistance so that they can graduate (Chaffee, 18) The English teacher, in this case, is practicing academic dishonesty that should be the norm that guides academic teaching.

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There exist strong reasons as to why the course was included as a requirement in order for students to graduate academic honor code requires that teachers and students is a set of ethical principles that provide guidance under which academic qualifications are attained. The teacher is assisting students to graduate using illegal means that violate the academic honor code. It could lead to discontinuation of the learners if it is detected that they received help from the English teacher in order to graduate.

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It could as well be detrimental to a teacher’s career considering the fact that the professional code of conduct for a teacher has been violated.

Updated: Feb 21, 2023
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A Case of an English Teacher Practicing Academic Dishonesty essay
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