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A career as a Chartered Accountant has appealed to me as I

A career as a Chartered Accountant has appealed to me as I am interested in the business world and I have an affinity for numbers as they provide a universal shared language. I enjoy studying Mathematics and I look forward to studying the subject at a more advanced level for a degree in Accounting and Finance and engaging with even more complex problem-solving opportunities.

Studying Chemistry and Biology has likewise laid a foundation for my aspirations at the university level. These subjects have harnessed my analytical skills due to their practical aspects.

Chemistry, like Accounting, is a quantitative, data-intensive field, that requires an acute ability to read spreadsheets. I have developed a high level of numeracy, critical understanding and evaluation abilities, for example, when I generated graphs to represent my data and also had to analyse my results to make conclusions.

Recent work experience at an accounting firm has enabled me to develop a variety of skills. I carried out various tasks including consolidation accounting, handling of data books and bookkeeping.

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One activity that I enjoyed the most was finding VAT and expenses from the summary of purchase databook. My eye for detail was sharpened during this experience as organisation skills were of the utmost importance for the success of any business, for example, when I was sorting out financial paperwork for every quarter. I developed fluency with Microsoft Excel when I was transferring financial transactions of companies onto Microsoft Excel. I also learnt the difference between sole trader companies and limited companies which further broadened my understanding about this career.

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Mathematics has nurtured my problem-solving abilities and for the past four years I have undertaken the “UKMT Maths Challenge”. To enhance my mathematical skills, I have also mentored students in Maths which has given me a sense of fulfilment and personal growth.

Participating in Micro-Tyco, an entrepreneurial training programme allowed me to implement and develop skills pivotal to the world of business; the pressures of time management, ability to communicate complex ideas with clarity and efficiency, and the importance of teamwork. As a result of this, my team contributed to 25% of our school’s profit in which we came first place. This programme enabled me to practise fundamental business behaviours in a microenvironment which made me more curious into pursuing a career in this field. I have also gained a passion for playing sudoku which has improved my logical thinking and numerical skills. I also like to play badminton which helps me refresh my thoughts and relax. In addition, my understanding of the financial sector has deepened as I watch Youtube videos of finance-related topics. Bloomberg Markets and Finance has made me interested in Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin has widened my understanding of real-world business dynamics and the impact of technological advancement ranging from online shopping to such extremes as crypto-currencies and artificial intelligence. During my research for this course, I became a regular reader of “The Economist”, where I have gained insights into current economic, financial and political conditions.

Volunteering at my school and in the local community gives me a sense of satisfaction, has intensified my communication skills and also helped me with personal development. I will continue my active citizenship at university and beyond as I enjoy being a part of the community. I have also participated in a BBC programme for young students where I visited the BBC studio. This helped me express my thoughts clearly to a wide audience and develop self-confidence.

I am eager to pursue this course in Accounting and Finance as I am determined and hard-working and I embrace the demands and challenges of such a course. University will give me a chance to explore and challenge myself in such a way that will shape the right path for my future and also achieve my full potential.

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