A campaign for the City Bike Company

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The City Bike Company started in the United States as a sharing program. It situated in New York dealing with bicycles which are of high quality. Interestingly, it is the biggest bike sharing program in the country and even the whole world. The company was selected to advance and operate the system using a new technology. In that reason the company has a great opportunity hence enlarging its operation system in the City. Basically, it spent millions of dollars to lead a certain sponsorship for around six good years.

This actually portrays how the company has made a rigid foundation to success its’ operation. The system was opened officially to the people with around 300 stations as well as 6,000 bicycles in 2013. Fortunately, last year’s number of subscribers was roughly 93,000 while the Citi Bike riders took an average of 34,000. This was done in every day of that year. (Staub, 2014).Ladies and gentleman, our company has come to culmination, and now you have the power to change the working landscape of City Bike Company.

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As we advertise time and time again, if you choose the products of our company, there are several things will be done to you fully as you continue to enjoy. For that reason, we ensure that your needs are our needs. Therefore, we are ready to meet them day in and day out across this land.

First of all, we plan on proposing new legislation of investing more incentive dollars in our company, not only to meet the needs of today, but to reduce the price of our bicycles hence developing minds for the future.

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Also, such new funding would be used to buy quality materials and retain our mission and vision. In addition, we intend to fund for building and renovating new companies of the same. Our dear customers, the company has created a strategy plan setting aside US$ 20.4 million for the discount and printing free magazine ads showing the products and the relating prices. This awesome target starts in the mid of the year 2015.

To accomplish this, I request all of you to remain patient in this company since there are more and fabulous things the board of directors have for you. No more price increases, instead it will reduce. At the same time, the discount will be attached of 40 % of the fixed price. As I see this creates wonderful smile to most of our customers and even to the prospective customers.

Eventually, the list of bicycle sharing systems has increased in the world and even in United States. Therefore, we have stiff competition that is behind us ready to make their sales. The statistics depicts that by August 2014; more than 600 cities worldwide had a bike sharing program of the same type of ours. That is up from 535 systems, in 49 countries; in April 2013. Actually, this is incredible sharp increase from 2011, when it was 375 schemes operating 236,000 bicycles. Precisely, adoption outside the continent Europe sharply increased over that duration of time, up from one system that is, in Washington D.C to around 143, having more than half percent of the world fleet in Asia (Steves, 2014).

It should be noted that the City Bike Company is the most and famous company that produces quality bicycles in the world. Furthermore, it offers quality and recommendable services to the customers as most of you are aware of it. Kindly let us stick to our culture which is in our beloved company. Finally, ladies and gentlemen keep in mind that there is only boss one in the business who has the power to sack and employ the manager. Do you know the boss is you as customer because you are able to determine where you are money will go to? I implore you to support our company together. I really appreciate you excellent turn up and being tolerant until now while listening our strategy plan. See you there. Thank you.


Staub, M. (2014). Best bike rides New York City: Great recreational rides in the five boroughs.

Steves, R. (2014). Europe Through the Back Door 2015 : The Travel Skills Handbook. Avalon Travel Publishing.

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A campaign for the City Bike Company

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