A Campaign against KFC Corporation MGNT

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When contemplating critics of business and defenders of capitalism, the ongoing debate by The People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) against fast food restaurants should be mentioned. On January 6, 2003 a little girl named Payton Hull organized a PETA demonstration outside a KFC. The demands were for KFC to require the chicken’s suppliers to treat the chickens ethically in a humane way while processing them. In retrospect I agree with this request but in everyday life I just do not stop to think about how my food is processed.

When I read and prepare to do paperwork on this subject it always tends to make my stomach a little uneasy. PETA organized and founded by Ingrid Newkirk has been very successful thus far in swaying many fast food restaurants to submit to request of transparency. KFC called the attacks “corporate terrorism”. Ingrid Newkirk even went as far as writing a nasty letter to the president of KFC stating that it was just an accident that the KFC president was born who she was instead of a chicken.

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Like me most consumers do not think where the chickens come from because we see the end final product. Which that being said it makes us realize that events held by PETA brings those images and staggering treatment procedures to the forefront. The organization has been successful with more than 1.2 million supporters. They create sit ins, use the internet and social media, and also go as far as using sexuality to get the point across.

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A Campaign against KFC Corporation MGNT

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