A Book Report on “Heat” By Mike Lupika Essay

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A Book Report on “Heat” By Mike Lupika

Sportswriter named Mike Lupika intelligently wrote a piece of story that proves life is still beautiful despite the heartbreaks and difficulties. The author also portrays a story that illuminates the truth that a person’s talent is special and must be developed by the one who was gifted as such. The social behavior displayed in the book is very degrading that some of the male characters in the book including their adult friends lied to the authorities (“Heat”).

However, the interesting and notable parts of the fiction are those that mentioned fast food like Mc Donald and those drink and clothing brands that were mentioned in the book. According to Common Sense Media Website, the book entitled “Heat” has 220 pages and published by Penguin Putnam, Incorporated (“Heat”). The book is also published last April 16, 2006 and its genre is fiction about sports (“Heat”).

There are many things that can be learned in the book like surviving in a difficult life, ethical standards like honesty, and developing a gift or talent that only a few lucky people can have in this world. Moreover, the book entitled “Heat” is a story about a boy who is so talented in the field of baseball sports. The story of Michael who is a 12 year-old pitcher tells about being poor and orphaned but with positive attitude in life. The story revolves around the hopes of Michael’s father that his son could play with the Little League World Series.

Michael’s difficulties worsened when he was accused by a player and a rival coach that the disclosure of his age was fabricated (“Heat”). As a result, Michael was suspended from playing baseball after it was divulged and alleged that he was older that he mentioned in his profile as a player. However, Michael was able to face all these problems positively by being cheerful and well-adjusted. Works Cited “Heat”. 2008. Common Sense Media Website. 8 September 2008 < http://www. commonsensemedia. org/book-reviews/Heat. html

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