A Birthday Gone Bad Essay

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A Birthday Gone Bad

While I was standing inside the kitchen of my home, preparing the food for my daughter’s twelfth birthday party, I heard the terrible screams of my daughter crying out for help. Without any hesitation at all, I dropped everything in my hands and ran to the back yard where all the guests of the party were at. I found my daughter sitting on the concrete floor next to our hot tub, holding her foot and sobbing in horrible pain. As soon as I sat next to her, she ripped a three prong gardening rake out of the arch in the middle of her left foot. I thought for a moment that I was going to be sick to my stomach.

The gardening rake was dirty and rusted, and punctured a deep hole right in the bottom of my daughters left foot. I picked her up and rushed her into the bathroom where I began to clean the wound to the best of my abilities. She started to tell me how she managed to get a rake stuck in the middle of her foot when my husband walked in to the bathroom. He stopped her in the middle of her sentence to examined lesion and agreed with me that she needed to be taken to the hospital incase major damage was done into the inside of her foot. So I rushed her to the nearest emergency room.

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On our way to the emergency room she was finally able to tell me what had happened to her. My daughter informed me that she was simply jumping outside of the hot tub in the attempt to jump into the pool. However, she failed to notice the gardening rake just lying about on the floor and landed right on it. When we got to the emergency room the doctor quickly informed me that my daughter was going to need tetanus shot to eliminate the risk of major infection. This information completely freaked my daughter out and made her want to leave the hospital that very minute because she was deathly afraid of needles. After some time of convincing, she agreed to hold still for the shot to be administered.

After the shot was given the doctor ordered a MRI and an x-ray of my daughters’ foot to see if there was any damage done. When the results came in the doctor informed me that when she ripped the rake out of her foot, she managed to rip multiple ligaments and tendons inside of her foot. The only way to completely heal her foot was to put her in a leg cast that went all the way up to her knee and leave in on for four weeks. By the time the doctor had finished putting the cast on, she was already complaining about having to use crutches and how everyone at school was going to make fun of her.

When we got home my daughter had just had it with the day. It was suppose to be a great day and it so quickly turned into an ugly day. Nobody wants to spend their birthday in the hospital. Unfortunately for my daughter, she is one of the unlucky ones who has unexpected things happen to them in the blink of an eye.

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