A Bird that can do more than just fly

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It is not an animal bird, it is not a plane, it is a Bird electrical scooter. Many people have been seeing these electrical scooters in populated cities like Tempe. It is an appealing vehicle to college students, teens, and employees which can be seen all over Tempe, Arizona. Bird is a dockless scooter-share company based in Santa Monica, California. Bird was founded in 2017 by Travis Vanderzanden who is an American businessman, and the current CEO of Bird. It operates electric scooters in cities throughout North America, and internationally in major cities at a cost of one dollar to start plus fifteen cents a minute charge.

Riders have to first download the bird application on their phones. Then they will create an account. Lastly, they will link up there banking information, accept the terms and conditions and finally one can begin to ride by scanning the QR code on the scooter. My experience riding the Bird has been truly entertaining. I tend to ride the Bird at most three times a week because the little amount it charged my account to ride does add up to be a lot of money; In fact, I have already spent over fifty dollars on the electric scooters in just one month of being in Tempe.

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I use the Bird for many different reasons such as getting to class on time, riding for the amusement, and especially because of the high speed it can travel. It has been lovely riding with my friends around campus and Tempe.

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The Bird scooter is something everyone should experience riding because it is a sustainable mode of transportation, it is inexpensive, and it is boosting the economy with jobs to ride.

The Bird scooter is a popular trend because it is a sustainable mode of transportation. Every time a person is finished riding with their scooter the app notifies the rider how much carbon dioxide one has saved to the environment. This is spectacular because it shows the rider how they help benefit the sustainability of the earth by riding the scooter. With over thousands of different electric scooters nearby, it gives the opportunity for students, employees around the area and consumers to get to work, get to school, or enjoy the ride in a sustainable way that will not produce any carbon dioxide into the air. Bird has created the future for sustainability transportation in the world. Since these driverless vehicles are owned by major companies, consumers insurance, gas and maintenance costs necessary to maintain owned vehicles. According to the article “owned vehicles are only used on average for ten percent of the day, shared vehicles will free up parking garages and busy streets around the world” (Manoylov 1). In addition, by reducing the number of vehicles in the streets reduces greenhouse gas emissions, which is a needed step for climate change mitigation. “There will come a day when financial, spatial and environmental reasons will change Americans to not own a vehicle, just like how some may rather pay for a Bird scooter” (Manoylov 2).

The bird is not only sustainable to the environment, but it is also sustainable at an inexpensive cost. After I have surveyed fifty people are around campus a one hundred percent of them said they enjoy the electric scooters mainly because they are cheap for short distance emergencies like needing to arrive somewhere as soon as possible. Whether it is to get to class or to move to the nearest dining hall, reaching for a Bird will be as habitual as waiting for the bus many students said. The price to start it at one dollar and then fifteen cents a minute is not bad, but a plethora of students did mention they would enjoy it more if the price was a little bit cheaper. I believe making the prices cheaper may increase the amount of people to ride the scooters, which both the consumer and Bird will benefit from.

Most Importantly, the Bird company has brought in a lot of revenue into the city and jobs for people. The economic ecosystem that has risen around the charging or electric scooters in our streets and many cities in the United States. Many people can make up to six hundred dollars in one night by becoming a Bird charger. It is extra money one can make and earn right the next day. The idea that Bird has brought which is also used by other competitors such as Lime which manages both scooters and bicycles, seek to solve the question of the nightly collection of scooters for recharging and checking. Both companies pay people to become chargers for Bird or juicers for Lime to use their own vehicles at night to track scooters using the mobile app, take them home, charge their batteries and deliver them the next morning to specific areas around the city. This self-employed approach can be combined with company employees using vans or other big vehicles that can collect as many scooters possible. This is just another example of the sharing economy based on people willing to invest time and some effort, as well as using their vehicles and a small amount of electricity, to make some extra cash. “We may well see companies lower their rates as they seek to adjust offer and demand, but even so, many chargers affirm that, within reasonable limits and even if the incentives were reduced by half, the activity is still worthwhile, not just financially, but from a gaming and even a civic perspective” (Lorenz 1).

Registering to becoming a charger for Bird is not difficult at all. Unlike Uber or most ride-sharing services, Bird does not require a background check or any kind of complicated registration procedure. It only takes a few simple and quick steps including registering your address, providing personal information, tax information, and bank account information so one can get paid via direct deposit. If one’s application is approved, within a matter of days Bird will mail three charging packs to get started. Charging a Bird does not require a ton of electricity, so minus the cost for labor, charging a few scooters overnight is essentially free, especially if one lives in a large apartment building one can do so many in your room. As Birds and comparable scooter-sharing services continue to expand, charging has become a popular way for high-schoolers, college students, and young professionals to earn easy money.

Safety should be the upmost priority for every rider on an electric scooter. People fall all the time or have minor injuries from riding electric scooters. There are plenty of threats to scooter riders. The tiny wheels on each scooter can get trapped by uneven sidewalks and grates, causing people to fall. Bad weather can easily weaken a tires’ grip. On busy sidewalks, riders have to go around pedestrians, pets, and potholes. On the road, scooters can be difficult for drivers to see, and heavy, fast-moving vehicles can be deadly. Electric motors can accelerate surprisingly quickly, and the momentum a rider generates takes effort to slow down. A rider should Keep a leg ready to brake for a sudden stop. Every rider should be aware of your surroundings, make sure the equipment is in good condition, follow traffic rules, take your earbuds out, put away your phone, and be precautious with your speed. All of these things are imperative to know and be cautious about when riding an electric scooter.

All in all, the Bird has changed the game in major cities across the world by bringing jobs to, bringing revenues and creating an innovative mode of transportation that is keeping the world from not getting any more polluted. Bird has proven that one small mode of transportation can generate a huge powerhouse to the economy and to competitors. Now that one has learned some information about the trending topic about the electrical scooters that everyone talks about, one will be ready to bird all around town. Lastly, I suggest if anyone who has not got a chance to experience riding the Bird, I hope sooner or later you decide to ride because it is inexpensive, it is safe for the environment, and it is entertaining.

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A Bird that can do more than just fly

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