A Beautiful Planet in Pakistan Essay

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A Beautiful Planet in Pakistan

Planet 94 is the first 24/7 English radio frequency, entertaining listeners of Islamabad/ Rawalpindi, Lahore and Karachi with all genres of music; from Techno to Hip Hop, Grunge to Indy rock, Jazz to Metal and many others. Planet 94’s is primarily to promote quality music and to encourage and represent youth by being a platform to raise their voice and be heard. It was established in the capital in 2009 under the umbrella of Radio Pakistan. Planet 94’s is primarily subjected to the young blood. This channel is specially created for youth, for example for the universities and colleges student. If they have talent then they should come forward and show their skills. This channel is completely in English. All the programs are held in English in addition, this is the first Pakistani Radio channel which is freely available on American telephones. The programs which are run by channel they all are really very interesting and sweet to listen. All radio jockeys talk in English.

Now the question arises: “Why Planet 94 is in English language?” Because English is a popular language and it is very well spoken and understood. It is the language in which there is a lot of scientific knowledge. I think English language is the national language of the world. That’s why planet 94 started its broadcasting in English. People are very much interested in this channel because it provides all the fun which people are in need of. Planet 94 also accepts feedback of their programs. Planet 94 also gives commentary of different sports for example cricket matches and football matches etc. The thing I love the most about the channel is that they call different celebrities from Hollywood and give them invitations to join the program as a guest.

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Most of the celebrities accept the proposals and listeners enjoy their gossips and also call them via mobile phones or PTCL when the celebrities come as a guest. As I said before that this channel is specially created for the youth of Pakistan. There are many programs which are related to youth and young boys and girls feel pleasure when they listens the programs. People get many benefits when they listening planet 94. The main advantage is improvement in English language, especially development of listening skills. English is the language that is very important for ordinary citizens as it is the mode of communication in many fields.

This program provides an opportunity for the audience to develop their skills in the English language. This channel gives proper and authentic information. Before the arrival of this Planet the people who preferred to listen to English transmission only, had lost interest in radio. But after this channel was introduced, the situation completely changed and people once again begin to lend their ears to radio broadcasting. The programs which are shown by planet 94 are unique and different and the names of the programs are Celebrity at 10, Club Fanatics, Soothing Sundays, Party Starter, The awakening, the break, night creatures, these all programs are wonderful programs. People listen to radio on their cell phones and also on internet. In the end I would like to say that may God give more success to this channel and it may flourish more.

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