A Background on Danielle Steel’s Life 

In this occasion, I will write about my favorite author: Danielle Steel and how she uses her own tough moments to inspire others and make them see there is a positive way to see things and make their problems their impulses to reach their goals. But who is Danielle Steel? She is a New Yorker writer who was born in August 14, 1947. She has been a successful writer since her first book was published in 1973 and have had awards since then. Actually, In 1986 she was recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records for having at least one of her books on the New York Times best-seller list for 225 consecutive weeks.

As this prize, she has gotten others by different institutions. Steel was the only child of John Schuelein-Steel, a member of Munich’s wealthy Lowenbrau beer family, and Norma Schuelein-Steel, an international beauty from Portugal.

Since she was a little girl she was included in her parents-s dinner parties, giving her the opportunity to develop her culture pieces of knowledge by observing the habits and conversations of their prosperous guests, so that is why we find interesting cultural facts in her books and how she incorporates the historical facts in her novels.

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In her books, we can appreciate that she always try every other way to encourage her readers to continue with their life even though the odds they can face in a daily basis by having a positive attitude. She is a living example that is possible to continue your life even if terrible things happen.

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If we do a background on her life we might find that her life has not been easy at all. We might think she has had the perfect life when we see all the awards she has gotten and how successful she has become, but in her personal life is not as beautiful as her professional life.

She has been married 5 times and two of these marriages were not as beautiful as in the fairy tales, one of her ex-husbands was a rapist who she had a daughter and got divorced but the misfortune did not leave her alone, after that she had to deal with a heroin addict but that was nothing compared to the worst pain a mother can go through, which is the loss of her own child who committed suicide after been suffering by a manic depression and drugs; but she did not let that event in her life get her down. She continues, and using her pain she helped others by writing the biographical memoir in 1998 titled ‘His Bright Light’. With this book, she wanted to encourage people who have had the same situation she had, the loss of a loved one and dealing with someone who has mental illness. Even that it was not easy for her to write it, she felt it was going to be worth it if it helps someone. She did not just wanted to remember her son by this book, she wanted people know about a disease that affects around two and three million Americans, but her main idea was that anyone who could read that book become able to use what they learned, and save other’s people lives with it.

Her expectation was that maybe her readers can make a difference in others individuals life and learn from her errors and actually it was as she wanted to be and the awards she received by writing this book can confirm it as the awards from Outstanding Achievement Award in Mental Health, California Psychiatric Association; Distinguished Service Award, American Psychiatric Association; Service to Youth Award for improving the lives of mentally ill adolescents and children, University of San Francisco Catholic Youth Organization and St. Mary’s Medical Center, 1999; Distinguished Service in Mental Health Award, New York Presbyterian Hospital, Columbia University Medical School, and Cornell Medical College, 2009.

Also, Steel looks for giving some encouragement to woman in many of her books, such as ‘Accident’ just to cite an example. In this book she shows how woman has the power to recover from any situation if they propose it without any man help and look forward for their child, in spite of when their life is falling apart after a failed marriage and has discovered she was betrayed by her husband and if it was not enough having her daughter dying in her very eyes as is the case of Page Clarke, the main character in this novel. Steel says she writes about human’s condition and situations we all have to deal with.

In a certain way she tries to cheer her readers by showing them they are not the only ones going through tough situations and that there are better ways to deal with our problems other than the anger and frustrations that only makes our lives miserable and the other around us. There will always be situations where we feel we cannot continue but if we try to see what happen to us in a different way we might get surprised. In conclusion it could be easy for a person who is not going through the same thing as you do, to say that everything will be okay but when is someone who has experienced majority of the worst pains in this world as the writer I am writing about, Danielle Steel it is really inspirational and stimulating how we can make our problems our impulses to reach our goals.

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