911 and the Conspiracy Behind It Essay

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911 and the Conspiracy Behind It

I take interest in conspiracies and other alternate ways that things could happen, but the 911 conspiracy is without a doubt the one that appeals most interesting to me. In the days, month and years that followed there has been too much evidence to make one believe that it happened the way it has been presented. One has to be open minded and see other factual information to come to a true conclusion. The day of September 11th, 2001 the world witnessed with disbelief the World Trade Centers in New York City crashing down.

With 3,000 or more people killed, it has made it one of the worst attacks in history. A person may only wonder how such a hugely scaled and difficult attack could be carried through. Evidence suggests that the September 11th attacks were an inside job, and the statements of the Bush administration following them were only the fabricated truth that many people believed. Unfortunately this tragic event has scarred the lives of many people in North America and across the globe.

In this essay I will be talking about the facts and evidence which lead me to believe that the 911 event was truly just an inside job. There are many reasons why I believe that this was all part of a U.S plan, but the main 2 topics I’ll touch upon are the; World Trade Center, and the Pentagon.

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‘World Trade Center (WTC)’

The plane crashes and resulting fires caused the collapse of the World Trade Center. Controlled demolition conspiracy theories say the collapse of the towers was caused by explosives installed in the buildings in advance. Demolition theory proponents, such as Brigham Young University physicist Steven E. Jones argues that the aircraft impacts and resulting fires could not have weakened the buildings enough to initiate such a ‘perfect’ collapse, and that the buildings would not have collapsed completely, or at the speeds that they did, without additional energy involved.

Also it is said that the molten steel found in the debris was evidence of explosives, as an ordinary airplane fire would not be able to give off enough heat to do this. Soon after the day of the attacks, major media sources published that the towers had collapsed due to melted steel. Given knowledge that the burning temperatures of the airplane fuel could not melt the steel support structure of the WTC contributed to the belief among skeptics that the towers would not have collapsed without something other than the planes. As well scientists and architectures say the falling of the buildings looked very similar to a controlled demolition.


The pentagon crash may be the most puzzling of the whole tragedy. Theorists maintain that the hole of impact was significantly smaller than the size of an American Airline. As well it is said the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD’s) team was busy at the time of the attacks and had to scramble and get ready to fly out in the jets. Reporters claim no NORAD planes were seen in the air, and theorists believe that they were told to “stand down”. Also questions are asked, was it just a coincidence that the plane had crashed into the section of the Pentagon that was undergoing renovations. Due to these facts and scientific evidence, as well as other videos and information I have read I believe the 911 tragedy was an inside job that the U.S government had planned.

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