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9 Ways to Finding Happiness

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 3 (558 words)
Categories: Being Optimistic In Life, Happiness, Happiness In Life, What Is Real Happiness
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The feeling of happiness is one that everyone yearns after and there are different ways to achieve it. We here at Jamaican Medium have done our due research. From this, we have organized a few tips to guide you along the road to endless happiness. 9 ways to increase the feelings of happiness in your life Surround yourself with those who make your heart smile. Most times as we go through our day, we meet people who share the most beautiful smile.

However, if we could see through their inner being, it would tear us apart to see the tears flowing. Inner sadness with an outward glow is not happiness. People who have the potential to make you feel relaxed and at ease, are those whom you should keep within your circle.

Ensure you uphold your values. Once you are confident you have found what is true and what you believe in, then you should stand by it at all costs.

These feelings once honored will enable you to feel better within yourself.

Don\’t push aside an idea because it doesn’t seem perfect in your eyes. Happiness means accepting what is good even if it doesn’t seem to work exactly as you want. As you learn to embrace the idea and thought, you can gradually curve it to the form you feel would make you fully comfortable.

Think positive and you will find that everything your desire will fall into place. Don\’t be afraid to dream big and have the mindset that you will achieve it. The thought of achieving greatness will give you a feeling of inner peace and also the state-of-mind to work only towards fulfilling your goals.

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Doing the things, you love and “outside of the box” will give you an extra dose of happiness. Can\’t afford a vacation to relax for a while or to do that “bungee jump” you always fantasized about? No worries, ensure you at least “book out” for even a staycation once in a while and do something different.   Listen to your heart as this is where the soul of your decisions is made. You are the only one that completes you. A lot of times friends and family always say they know what is best for you but if your heart is not into it, forget it!   Be your source of “push” to achieve what you desire and don’t depend on others to do it for you. Every too often we believe someone else might be responsible for our fulfillment, but in reality, you are solely in charge. The moment you come to terms with this, the power and driving force to get you to the top will continue to flow through you.

Accept change even when it doesn’t feel like your thing. Change is the first step to self-acceptance and personal growth.

Treasure good memories derived from times spent with friends and family. There is no harm in basking in pleasure or that which gives you both inward and outer happiness.

You hold the handle that opens the door to your happiness and life fulfillment. However, many times these doors are hard to open, but it does not give the final say on when and the limit of the peace and serenity you ought to enjoy.

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