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9 Career PreferenceOur country suffers from multifaceted crisis

9. Career Preference

Our country suffers from multifaceted crisis like socioeconomic crisis, political crisis, and likewise as monetary crisis that is greatly littered with international depression. Despite of these crises, Filipinos are ingenious, creative, and desperate to surpass these obstacles in way of life. albeit there are some corporations littered with these crises that they’re force to decrease their workers known as “recession”, a number of them have job openings that provide new career opportunities to graduated school students. These job openings conjointly offer a brand new challenge into their life – an excellent responsibility lies to his hand that sometime can facilitate his family try to attain wealthiest, use his uninheritable data and skills once he interacts into employment, and acted joined of the reinforcements in trade that may additional improved the depleting economy of the country.

All of those, comes initial from desires and aspirations that arises throughout childhood years that sometime he or she’s going to become a doctor, associate degree creator, a teacher, a police, or associate degree lawyer {to facilitate to assist} those look for desires and help their family to ascend into poorness.

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in keeping with Ginzberg and his associates1, throughout the fantasy amount play bit by bit becomes work-oriented and reflects initial preferences sure enough quite activities. This stage is that the preparation for a child’s extremely organized social life they’re going to be needed to regulate after they enter the primary grade. Career preferences are free chance to pick a desired career.

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it’s conjointly a decision-making during a confusing scenario that happens throughout the senior year of high school level. once one is confused in selecting a career, he depends on his friends and relatives. He was confused during a sense that he cannot create his own call and not nevertheless able to get into school. in keeping with Tiedeman2, career development unfolds at intervals the overall method of psychological feature development joined resolves ego-relevant crises. He additional noted out that decision-making is a nonstop method within which people can modification their courses of career action, typically by going away a setting or setting. like once a student is disoriented in his course he is taken that may lead to decreasing avidity thereon explicit field. He decides to transfer in another college or to shift another course that basically fits his own interest and. once one is unstable in creating call, these disoriented strategy is also perennial till win completely different bachelor’s degree which may be a significant distraction of one’s future job. Super3 conjointly thought of indecisiveness as an amount of process once interest wasn’t totally crystallized. Therefore, this study intends to work out the factors moving career preferences among {High School secondary school, middle school} school students of Eulogio “Amang” Rodriguez job high school of educational year 2009 to 2010. This factors that function preferences of student in selecting a career in school includes childhood aspirations, family/ relatives, peer/ friends, interest and specialization, values, in-demand jobs, college steering counsellor; and anticipated issues encountered are probable to have an effect on the co-education preferences of their career. Statement of the Problem The study aimed to work out the factors moving career preferences of school students of Eulogio “Amang” Rodriguez job high school of the educational year 2009-2010. Specifically, it wanted to answer the subsequent sub problems:

What are the socio-demographic characteristics of the school students in terms of: Sex, Occupation Age. Size of Income Parents Instructional Attainment. relation Position What are the highest 3 expressed career decisions of the students?

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