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Response to: Foul Shots In Foul Shots, Rogelio R. Gomez writes about his Chicano background and the neighborhood he grew up in. Furthermore, he describes himself being stereotyped as one of the “barrio boys” basically meaning that he is considered inferior to the Anglos. In high school, the writer states that he was on a basketball team and that there was one day when his coach announced that his team was to “buddy up” with the opposite team. The opposite team was all White and therefore had a big conflict with the “barrio boys” due to racism.

One of the Anglos threw a bag of Fritos to the “barrio boys” as an insult because of the “Frito Bandito” commercial which was, at its time, very popular and involved a stereotyped “Mexican bandit” from the Western movies who would steal Fritos. Gomez states in his essay that this insult still persists in his mind after “more than 20 years” have passed because he still wonders what he should have done in the situation and always comes to a though in where he is crushing “a silly bag of Fritos.

The title seems to go well with the whole theme of this essay and has two meanings on being that since they are on a basketball team and a “foul” in basketball is an illegal move and also using the meaning of the word “foul” as unfair; they are being compared in a sense. The Anglos in the essay are very stereotypical due to the fact that they threw a bag of Fritos at the “barrio boys” and treated them very rudely; they basically thought of them as “inferior” as stated in by the author.

Something that can also be said in this situation; however, is that the stereotypical thoughts could be turned towards the Anglos implying that the Mexican-Americans discriminate towards them too. The reason why is because, in the essay, it says that the “barrio boys” tried to act like they were superior because of their “toughness” and how they played basketball much better than the Anglos, beating them at every game. This whole problem could have probably been prevented if the coaches took a different approach towards the conflicts between the two teams.

Rather than having the two teams get together, which obviously magnified the problem, the coach should have talked to the students about the different ethnic backgrounds and how to deal with racism and stereotypes. Response to: The Happiest Day of My Life In the essay, The Happiest Day of My Life, a man by the name of Michael T. Smith worked in an office with large windows that were facing a busy overpass. One day, Smith decided to start waving at the people that would pass by. Smith started these “window antics” to bring joy and relieve the stress during work.

Smith kept on waving to these people to the point where it became a daily routine. Eventually, his co-workers began to notice this and share the laughs he would get from waving at these people. Around Christmas time, it began to get stressful because of all of the job cuts and to help cheer everyone up, Smith decided to dress up as Santa Claus during work. When his supervisor found out about this, he called Smith into his office which made Smith become very nervous, especially during this time, but to his surprise, his supervisor couldn’t help but laugh and thanked him for what he had done to cheer everyone up.

I personally thought that Smith was going to get warned not to do something like this again or he would lose his job because of the reaction given in which it says that his supervisor “…turned and left. ” After a while, Smith began to see a bond growing between the people he would wave to, especially the bus riders, but didn’t realize how strong it was until the day when his daughter was born and they held up a sign saying “congratulations! ”

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