Does Talent Really Exist Essay

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Does Talent Really Exist

Good morning ladies and gentleman,

Of course we all do know what we mean when we talk about talent. But do we really know the correct definition of talent? Let me first tell you the definition, which is written in the dictionary. Talent is a special natural ability or aptitude also for achievement or success. This maybe sounds good but I still want to look at the idea of talent existing or not. Before I go on I want to make one thing totally clear.

I of course believe that hard work, dedication to craft, reworking etc. are crucial to improving at any activity or profession. In other words I am not talking about whether one improves with a ton of hard work, I am talking about whether any person can be Roger Federer. I’ll sum it up simply: Some people have athletic talent and some don’t. A lot of people have a fair amount but not enough to ever reach a professional level no matter how hard they practice.

So in fact based on the theory that talent either doesn’t exist or that hard work negates it, we should really never see much difference in skill level between players at all, should we? And I am not only talking about sports. Lets bring it back into the arts. Some people just have the ability to draw. Without any hard work or anything they can just draw better than the average. It is like a gift from god.

Does talent exist? Yes, it absolutely does. I think talent exists as a multitude of different levels and hard work does absolutely make one better. As we discussed, some of you said that if a human gets born it’s like an unwritten empty book. Which I don’t think is true, because everyone carries specific genes clusters of attitudes, and they get tuned over the years. Most of us will probably never discover their hidden skills, but they still exist.

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