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8 Types of Millennials According to Their Values

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Who are you as a millennial? I’ve narrowed it all down to eight specific categories to choose from so grab your friends – cause it’s time to know which is which!


You want to make the most out of life. You make your plans to cross them out from your bucket list. You always hang out with your friends, whether it’s eating out on Instagramable restaurants, going to different places, spending your vacation on beaches, hiking, trekking or going out for a party at night.

You make your day at its best and live life to the fullest because, as what millennials always say, you only live once.”


You are always updated with the latest fashion trends. You care about the way you look and won’t be caught dead wearing the same outfit from the other day. You prefer pastel colors or neon colors. You choose an outfit based on what you see on your favorite celebrity.

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You are conscious about how you look. You imitate others’ outfit styles and fashion preferences and mix them with your own.

The #TwitterXFacebookXInstagram

You can’t go on a day without tweeting or posting on Facebook and Instagram. You keep yourself busy with reading threads and sharing updates. Every notification is an alarm of another update. You like and share posts that catch your attention. You are a member of Team follow back. It is important for you to gain a lot of likes and hearts as part of your social media life.

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The #NewSMSMessenger

Messenger is your primary channel of communication. Your interaction with everyone revolves around Messenger. You make Messenger as your new SMS because it is immediate for you to contact your friends and family. You chat every minute and spend hours going online while doing school or housework.

The #MyDaysIsLife

You post your daily life on the ‘my day’ feature of Facebook and Messenger and on Instagram stories. You include quite irrelevant text, emoticons, and filters to the picture. For you, a day is incomplete without posting about your activities on social media.

The #eBookIsLife

You are constantly on the lookout for new stories on internet. You patiently wait for updates from your favorite authors. You prefer to read on your phone due to its portability and convenience.

The #Vlogger

You follow many vloggers and never miss a single vlog. You even contemplate about starting your own YouTube channel for vlogging. You get your daily knowledge about fashion, lifestyle, fitness, and everything under the sun from your favorite vloggers.

The #BingeWatcherXMovieLover

You are always up to date with the TV series and movies, whether it’s American, British, Korean, Japanese, etc. You make time to watch the latest season or episode of your most-awaited series or movies despite your busy schedule. You spend days just binge-watching the newest films and series.

No matter how the world describes the millennials, it is only you who really knows what type you are. Keep going and achieving everything you want in life because you are a millennial with #LIFEGOALS.

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