78 Years Vietnam Veteran Gains His Matric Diploma

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Doubtless, soldiers and their families always sacrifice for their homeland. The time of war, particularly like Vietnam during which young man were recruited to fight and death toll was high, tests the mettle of young men, patience of their family, and kills their dreams.

A lot of veteran tell how their dreams got shattered. Here is story of a man who defied age and time to fulfil his goal and became an inspiration for others. His name is Floyd Covey.

Covey was enlisted to Army at so tender an age that he could not complete his High schools.

Fury of the Vietnam engulfed many young men. Covey, fought so valiantly that they awarded him the Purple Heart for his services. Covey 78 years now, after return from war did not go to finish his high school, her mother was disappointed at this.

Lately, Covey gave vent to his feeling to a staff member of the Martinsburg VA Medical Center, that in West Virginia.

Told him about his mother feelings about this. The staff member motivated him to achieve his unfulfilled dream by going and getting his diploma, reads the Medical center Website.

He got in touch with West Virginia Department of Veteran Assistance for help. Though he was 78 not an acceptable age to join or graduate from a school. But, he had to prove, it was never too late.

To remove this hurdle, the Upshur Country Board of Education came to help and enlisted him to their high school graduation program. Covey joined and finished his school.

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Unlucky once again, he could not attend his graduation ceremony due to his bad health. Knowing this bad news, the VA center came forward with an unconventional move and held a private graduation ceremony for the celebration of his big day.

Covey’s brother, his fellow veterans and the employees of VMAC gathered to celebrate, it was a moment to witness. The Superintendent of the Upshur County Schools handed him his diploma. He was 60 years late but it was better than never. The nostalgic expression at Covey’s face were telling the whole story from high school to war.

A cake was presented to him by Tyray Goerke, a Nutrition and Food Worker to further the ceremony.

With his eyes wet, Covey attributed this achievement to his mother. “This would mean everything to my Mom” were his words at the ceremony.

Covey’s achievement is a perfect example of the saying that it is never too late.

Medical Center Director Timothy J.Cook said, “No act was too small to make a difference in our veteran’s lives”. She further expressed her joyfulness for being part of this amazing ceremony.

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