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Super Bikes

John Jones built an excellent business that named JJ Motorbikes five years ago. John Jones uses his initial of his name, JJ, as a brand for his business. Ten years before, he had been the world champion in the “Super Bikes”. John Jones. By changing an old car showroom, John Jones built a successful business. On the other hand, this business has getting larger and become a new “Bike City”. Lying on two miles from the near place, this place is being built neighboring to the main motorway on the outskirts of the city.

According to the plan, the place and its all the new facilities are being prepared to open in June 2006. II Situation Analysis Because of the good standing and strategic location of JJ Motorbikes, this place has grow to be a reliable place to buy motorbikes, and all at once become a place for the bikers to gather and chitchat in the biking community. The small coffee machine that placed outside of the service centre becomes a place for bikers to meet fellow riders to have a chat and they can browse some accessories in the shop during that time.

Become part of this business, the accessory shop is one of the main profit midpoints, although the bikers do not always buy something there. Besides selling good and new motorbikes, JJ Motorbikes is also selling second-hand motorbikes, exclusive with a JJ Motorbikes guarantee. To create good marketing relationship with the bikers that enthusiast in this pastime, JJ Motorbikes must know how to deal this business well and keep it glowing. JJ Motorbikes have to win the customers by making a selection of the newest and most exciting performance bikes.

For example, nowadays, customers appreciate the small display of classic motorbikes. These experiences have been built into the plan for the new JJ Motorbikes. II. 1 Macro environment (including PEST Analysis) JJ Motorbikes should make helpful and facilitating macro-environment to achieve the success of their business activity. The place of JJ Motorbikes needs a government and populations that understand well about the enthusiasm of this hobby as a positive activity and key indicator of local development to provide such an environment. JJ Motorbikes need to plan and apply a promotion to create public responsiveness.

The highlighting of the promotion should be focus to the customer’s interest. JJ Motorbikes can use radio, television, and newspapers to emphasize the good side of the activity and remind about the negative consequences that identified in customer’s consideration. JJ Motorbikes should make specific activities that connected to the activity within the program they are appraising. Political factors can have a direct impact on the way business operates. Decisions made by government affect our every day lives and can come in the form of policy or legislation (Quick MBA. 2006).

In a global industry is an industry, where a company’s strategic position is influenced by their global position as a whole (Kotler, 2000). The political decision in the area is having an impact on JJ Motorbikes businesses. JJ Motorbikes businesses are affected by economical factors too. Interest rate policy and fiscal policy will have to be set as a result. Within the area, the climate of the economy says how consumer may behave within society. Whether an economy is in an explosion, depression or recovery will also affect JJ Motorbikes consumer’s confidence and behavior.

Inside people forces such as family, friends, and media affect our attitude, interest, and opinions. These forces figure who we are as people and the way we behave and what we ultimately purchase. Within the people near JJ Motorbikes, attitudes are changing towards their activity of hobby. Consequently, JJ Motorbikes is seeing an increase in the quantity of people joining this interest activity. Changes in technology are changing the way of JJ Motorbikes operates. The Internet is having a deep impact on the marketing mix strategy of JJ Motorbikes.

Consumers of JJ Motorbikes can now shop 24 hours a day comfortably from their homes. II. 2 Micro environment JJ Motorbikes should strengthen community involvement by provide a club society in groups to facilitate them to organize the activity better. They also need to make use of local cultural practices whenever possible. JJ Motorbikes can also build in social appreciation programs to give confidence and support individual and community initiatives. JJ Motorbikes have to make other components of the activity program to make sure that every families and communities are able to participate.

They may need also to seek additional financial support for this, and with the intention of reach remote, isolated communities and households. II. 2. 1 Competition Differentiation is very important in JJ Motorbikes marketing. JJ Motorbikes have to offer better than their competitors do. They need to continue this differentiation over a period from their competitors. High-grade and in-depth-processed motorbikes, which can compete with international fashionable styles, will have broader market. JJ Motorbikes should redirect their marketing focus to towns and countryside.

They started to establish and improve sales and service network in rural areas step by step. II. 2. 2 Market Demographics Demographic segmentation divides the market into groups founded on demographic variables including age, gender, family size, and life cycle. Nevertheless, JJ Motorbikes have set their highlights definitely at the other end of the scale, on the kids and teens market, as they increasingly segment products across all age groups. II. 2. 3 Market Needs This new product of JJ Motorbikes was designed from the ground up to take advantage of motorbike technology.

It includes a patented and high performance suspension. The products of JJ Motorbikes are an innovative combination of performance and quality. The design flexibility incorporated into the body of the products allows the motorbike to be customized, branded, and built for specific market needs. This includes hobby, recreation and resorts, security, as well as many others. JJ Motorbikes labeling and packaging may have to alter to comply with the country’s labeling or environmental regulations.

Presentation of their product is very important particularly for consumer goods. II. 2. 4 Market Trends In view of the fact that purchasing power in this areas take shape by stages, the demand volume for JJ motorbikes will maintain at about a half of the total output in the future year plan period. In addition, the market of JJ motorbikes will be gradually standardized and related. JJ motorbikes will pay more attention to technological renovation and own products development in the coming several years.

The JJ motorbikes’s record of accomplishment and prolonged existence happens from its successful design of innovative consumer products for markets. Consumer can trust in a design, coupled with eagerly commercial awareness of global market trends. II. 3 SWOT II. 3. 1 Strengths Strength is one component of internal analysis. The component describes any resources and capabilities that support a company to achieve its competitive advantage such as patents, excellent reputation, low cost structure and many more (Tutor 2U, 2006). Concerning the JJ Motorbikes the strengths are:

– Good basic and support services provided by the government – Conformity & Control – In place to handle commercial side II. 3. 2 Weaknesses The second internal factor is Weaknesses. This is simply in contrast to the strength in which the absence of specific strength might be considered as the weaknesses of the company (Tutor 2U, 2006). Concerning the JJ Motorbikes the weaknesses are: – Main structure does not feed effective information – Ideas good at start – Intent/reasoning not always communicated to all customers – Poorest families not reached

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