7 Legit Careers for Work from Home Moms

For most women worldwide, motherhood meant giving up a lucrative career or taking a long leave from work to tend to a child. Fortunately for women, this scenario has changed drastically over the years, thanks to the Internet. Nowadays, remote working has become more widespread. Millions of moms worldwide are able to find lucrative jobs that help further their careers too. Furthermore, employers are also willing to take work from home moms on board for several reasons. Reasons to Work from Home Understandably, as a mom, you would require adequate time for your child.

You also need to pay bills, meet expenses and lead a comfortable, acceptable lifestyle while developing a career.

Similarly, employers too have good reasons to hire work from home moms. One of these is the pressing social need to bridge gender inequality in income. Employers also require staff for specific tasks that can be performed efficiently from home. This reduces their need and expenses in leasing offices.

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Further, they are assured of getting the right talent and having work completed on schedule. Consequently, there are several legitimate careers for work from home moms that are easily available. Legit Work from Home Careers If you are a mom and wish to earn money while furthering your career, we encourage you to consider these seven best and legit careers.

Social Media Manager

Women that love spending long hours on social media, especially Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn will find excellent work from home jobs as social media manager.

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This job does not require you to work fixed hours. Instead, it offers you all flexibility in work timings. Broadly, social media managers are in charge of Facebook and other social media accounts of a business. You have to post content of interest to readers and followers of the business. Tasks also include responding to comments and reducing the impact of any negative feedback. With increasing numbers of companies now engaging social media for advertising, promotions and creating brand awareness of their products and services; there is a growing need for good social media managers. Apply for such jobs if you have the necessary skills.


Another great and legit career for work from home moms worldwide is becoming a blogger. In fact, a woman. Arianna Huffington of Huffington Post is the world’s wealthiest blogger. HuffPost earns an average US$14million per month. Of course, the website also pays its staff. Several bloggers around the world have made millions of Dollars merely by writing about something of broad interest to the people. Blogging can be rather simple. All you need to do is write your thoughts about something you are very passionate about and would interest other readers too. You can open a free blog on Blogger.com or Wix.com. To create a better, professional-looking blog, buy a great-sounding domain name, website hosting and other requirements to post your writings. And do not forget to subscribe for Google AdSense, which helps monetize your blog.

Medical Transcriptions

A medical Transcriptionist is a fairly simple work-from-home job for moms. It involves transcribing audio and video data into a summary that can be stored on computers. In fact, this job is in demand worldwide as hospitals, emergency medical services providers and clinics now wish to store patient data in digital format and dispose of the thick paper files. When you sign up to work as a medical transcriptionist, the employer will provide you with raw audio or video data. This will usually be recordings of talks between a patient and physician, proceedings in a surgery theatre or communications exchanged between EMS paramedics. You have to note the relevant points to create a concise summary that can be accessed on computers from anywhere.

Content Writer

If you have a flair for writing and have the patience for researching into various interesting topics, make a career as a content writer. This is an excellent work from home job for moms. Of course, you may have to meet certain deadlines but not often. Content writers are needed by businesses small and large as well as bloggers. You can find several freelances, part-time and full-time jobs as a content writer as a work from home mom. Simply visit any renowned website that offers part-time jobs or assignments such as Fiverr or LinkedIn. You will see innumerable listings for content writer jobs- freelance, part-time and full-time. This is a highly respected career for work from home moms. You can make your mark as a content writer and gain fame worldwide.

Mystery Shopper

Every woman loves shopping. Surely, you would not be different. If shopping is indeed something you enjoy, enrol as a mystery shopper with any reputed market research firms online. They pay you good money for your efforts. And in some cases, you get to keep the stuff bought on their behalf too. There are two types of mystery shopper careers for work from home moms. One is an online mystery shopper. As the term suggests, you have to visit an online store and make some purchases as specified by the employer. Upon completion, you have to write a full review based upon their questionnaire. The other is doing mystery shopping physically. This means you will visit the store, make some purchases and rate your overall experience by writing a review.

Online Tutor

Proficient in teaching a language, science subjects or mathematics? Register for a work-from-home job as an online tutor. Nowadays several reputed educational institutes provide training in secondary and higher secondary subjects to students abroad. And they pay you well too. Online tutoring ranks among the best and legit jobs for work from home moms. It offers flexible timings since most of your students will be located abroad. You also get paid for creating own lessons that make it easier for students to master the subject. All it needs is a good computer with a camera and your teaching skills.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing industry worldwide stood at a whopping US$192 billion in 2018. This spend will increase in 2019 and in the more coming years. With some skills, moms can look for great careers and work from home jobs in the digital marketing sector. Digital marketing functions include tasks like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing and lots more. Nowadays, lots of short study courses are available online that you can take to become a digital marketing professional. Everyone from Amazon to your neighbourhood blogger needs digital marketing professionals. This work-from-home job for moms pays very well, offers flexible hours and allows you to develop a great career in this booming industry.

In Conclusion

While working from home gets you the much-needed money to meet expenses, it also helps develop a career. You also stand to gain vital experience in the field of your choice and become an asset to present and future employers. Indeed, work from home is fast gaining ground among both employers and employees. Studies around the world prove amply that work from home jobs benefits both, employees and employers. The nature of work from home job you can take depends on your skills. These seven legit work-from-home careers for moms we highlight are simple and do not require highly specialised skills. Try any of these to meet your financial and career objectives.

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