Beattie noted in his history paper Essay

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Beattie noted in his history paper

Shakespeare died over 400 years ago. So, Hiram inserted a quote by Shakespeare from the play Hamlet into an essay without using quotation marks or citing the reference.

I disagree that the essay was not cited and no questions marks were used when the quote was inserted. If you do not cite a quote that was copied from a text, even if the author has died, this was being considered plagiarism. If you would have paraphrased the quote that would be difference because you are taking pieces of the quote and putting the rest in your own words.

Beattie noted in his history paper the fact that representatives from the 13 British colonies signed the United States Declaration of Independence in 1776, but he did not cite a source for the information.

I disagree that Beattie did not cite the source. Consider that he noted a fact that the British colonies signed the Declaration in the year 1776. He mentions the year of when the Declaration was signed, so this should be cited. When taking notes about the American Revolution.

Sara found a quote of Benjamin Franklin’s words, which she paraphrased. She inserted it into her paper without quotation marks or a reference to Benjamin Franklin.

I disagree that Sara did not cite her paper. When paraphrasing if you state the author and the year, a source should be cited. Jeffery wrote a paper on popular music in which he claimed that many songs came from earlier sources. He included the entire song lyrics from the Beatles and compared them to the lyrics of a song by a folk singer from the 1930s. He cited the Beatles. Although he included the lyrics from the 1930 song, he did not include a reference to the source. I agree that Jeffrey cited the singer of the song lyrics.

I disagree that he did not reference the source.
Whenever you site a source from a textbook you should include a reference page. The reference gives you all the information on where you have found your information.

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