A good film just like a good book Essay

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A good film just like a good book

After I click the pause, the screen froze and there is a sentence remain on the screen, ‘Oh, this land was made for you and me. ‘ There is a feeling from my heart which I can not explain with words, this felling contains angry, disappointed, sadness, but the most is the powerlessness to face the reality of the food industry. This kind of feeling happens once before, after I watched ‘ The Cove’, feel anxious to do something and want to help, however, where to start and how? The first thought is to stop buying food from those company, thysoon, motannio, but what else can we buy, there are some, but not enough.

But after a second thought, what will happen if we stop buying those food, the company will die together with millions of people will loose their job. But we know clearly that stop buying food from this kind of big and powerful company is impossible, there must be other way out. sometimes people are small, too weak to struggling for such a big problem, so the only way out is to rely on the organization which born for the people but people sometimes do not like and trust, the government.

Organic food

The film is just on of the most useful way to speak to the people and make them aware of the what actually our word is. But just like the film, we can not touch, smell and taste, only sound and scene may won’t leave the feeling too long. people who are actually doing something which like the mum in the film is because they are victims, people who are not doing things is because they have no chance to see the damage or in another way, they haven’t experience the nightmare.

A good film just like a good book, they make people think and reflect their thoughts in the normal lives , it is successful even we just hesitate when we choose food in publix. People always think that they are small, however, water drops can wear away a sone, we can not just let the thought go over our head, we should catch it and pull it out, then actually do things which can really help, help ourself and also help others.

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