Assigment: Blood Pressure

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  1. Put yourself in the role of Detective Garrison. You must now write a report explaining what Renee might have said with regard to the above questions. You should use all of your knowledge about blood pressure and the information from this case to explain each of the following aspects of blood pressure and discuss their relation to the above questions. Describe the role of the nervous system, adrenal glands, kidneys and pituitary as appropriate to the relation of each of the seven factors listed below:
  2. Peripheral resistance
  3. Heart rate
  4. Venous return
  5. Stroke volume
  6. Cardiac output
  7. End systolic and diastolic

2. What were the specific effects of the Lasix, hot water, and alcohol on the couple’s blood pressure?

3. What could the body have done to reverse the decreasing blood pressure, if it had been possible?

4. Identify several procedures that might have helped save the couple if they had been found unconscious but still above water and alive.

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Assigment: Blood Pressure

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