Threatening and Disruptive Behavior in College Classroom

This paper will include many difference ways of relieving the disruptive behavior. First citation will include the relationship between a teacher and student. My personal beliefs are that having a positive relationship creates more structured environment built on respect and trust. The second citation will deal with disruptive behavior. Lastly, the final citation will address preventing disruptive behavior with personal thoughts included.

Positive relationships between a student and teacher is important for success. In my classroom, the instructor made me feel ignored and misunderstood the situation.

I felt like the relationship between the teacher and I was strained causing a feeling of despair. (Scarlett) once said, “Therefore regardless of age and context, the two overarching needs that have to be met if there are to be positive teacher-student relationships are showing care and exercising authority while communicating high expectations.” Thus, saying if the teachers cared more about the students they would be less likely to act out in class.

The relationships that you have with anyone can affect how you approach any situation.

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For example, if Travis would had tried to understand how I felt with projects and help me when I asked for it rather than ignoring me. I feel it would have helped me to understand how to approach situations with my fellow classmates in a more positive attitude.

From the previous paragraph, I was talking about being ignored. One of the citations I had found talked about acting out and what some of the things it may have stemmed from.

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According to Robert Dobmeier, “Aggressive behavior manifests as acting-out or threatening behavior in the learning setting can result from a learner feeling slighted, ignored, or humiliated by the instructor or by another learner.” In my opinion, if the teacher would have showed they cared about myself and other classmates. I wouldn’t be writing this paper today. However, I understand the policy and agree to adhere to the rules.

Finally, the last citation has to do with preventing disruptive behavior. As (Joanne Maguire Robinson,2012) said, “Disruptive students can be controlled both by proactively and effectively by anticipating and tailoring the situation to the problem.” One of the things, I could have done was walked away from the situation and gathered my thoughts while calming down then ask for the keys. I feel that might have had a different outcome had I done that method. I also could have just got the keys from the instructor and avoided all confrontation all together. While writing this paper I came to the realization that there are more better choices that the ones made at one single moment.

In conclusion, after reading the many different research journals on the topic. I have found them to be an eye opener for my outlook of the world. Strong relationships between teachers, students, and peers are built on trust and humility. If you don’t have a form of respect for one another. How are you expected to work with people or build friendships? It isn’t ideal to show no respect by acting out in a manner that is inappropriate. If there can be a way of taking a step back from situations that cause a negative reaction? The best advice is walk away.

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