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Weight Watchers advertising

This ad may unintentionally show that its unhealthy to be fat because they focus on promoting weight as something to change instead of something to embrace. As is told in the first article its counterproductive because as studies show that anywhere from one-third to three-quarters of people classified as obese are metabolically healthy. They show no signs of elevated blood pressure, insulin resistance or high cholesterol. Indirectly lead people to believe that this is a solution to their “obesity” and that they will come out skinny fixed from their insecurities when studies show “Studies that followed dieters for more than 2 years found that 83% gained back more weight than they’d lost.

Diets not only do not work, they are a predictor of future weight gain. ”

The text colors are calming a muted tourquoise although the colors dont really make the ad it does allure a sence of health and welcoming aura. This gives a controst to the heavy message of the door.

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Perhaps by making the colors so warm and inviting it gives the audience a sence of comfort or health.

This advertisement of Weight Watchers wants people to know that you will get results if you take part in their program. By the entrance door being bigger than the exit,that tells people that when they enter/join them they will come out totally different. The large door that they once had to enter through because they were too big, they now don’t have to pass through anymore because they get to exit from a whole other door.

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For a person who is overweight, that is the results they want, to not worry about passing through confined space anymore. When the viewers see that there is only one entrance and one exit door, that also makes them think that it can be a very easy process. They just have to await you. Weight Watchers to make you feel better and easier.

Something else that stands out in the ad is how the entrance door is open, you can not see what is inside. That gives viewers a kind of curiosity. Weight Watchers is trying to invite the viewer in you cannot see what is inside but you know that there is something in there. That gives viewers a kind of curiosity. I know as for me, if I see a door slightly opened and I have no idea what is inside, my curiosity grows and all I want to do is open that door and see what is in the inside. But that is up to the reader to decide Weight Watchers cannot guarantee that everyone who opens the door into their program will get results, because that is also up to a person’s free will whether they will follow all of the instructions to the program. By giving such attention to the audience will/free choice to join and follow the plan it may give void to any negative press that they might get.

I believe their arent any people in the ad as to not directly show who this is targeted at or as to not make it to blunt. I believe that the doors are exagerated for the purpose of their message, if they were to add people it would remove attention or the audience to be so wide. What I mean by this, is that their audience dosent just include people who are litarilly as big as that door but its also meant for people who feel as big as that door. This ad also may correspond to them.

It’s not surprising that Weight Watchers is distancing itself from dieting. We are in a moment when the concepts of wellness and self-care have become all-important. Talking openly about dieting is becoming taboo, and the body positivity movement is on the rise. Weight Watchers had to change to stay relevant, and it’s been increasingly talking up wellness and a healthy lifestyle for a few years now. Consumers have put pressure on clothing brands to offer extended sizing, and a mantra of self-acceptance has begun to permeate the internet, even if it’s still far from universal (not to mention that brands have co-opted the concept in order to sell products). All of this means that diets are not necessarily perceived as cool or acceptable anymore. But it’s really just semantics.

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