"500 Days Of Summer" Film

Non-verbal interaction plays a crucial function in symbolizing the status of Tom and Summer’s relationship. Supply depth examples of how proxemics, eye contact, touch, and chronemics are articulated in the movie.

Social communication skills provide the tools to make a foundation for friendships and romantic relationships. Dispute and nonverbal interaction are checked out with more depth in interpersonal relationships. In the movie 500 Days of Summertime, audiences a lot of nonverbal communication. The movie shows characters Tom Hansen and Summer Season Finn throughout their attempts to develop a relationship.

Tom and Summer’s experiences reveals issues such as disputes within a romantic relationship, and nonverbal communication. In 500 Days of Summer, nonverbal interaction represented a lot in between Tom and Summertime. One example of nonverbal communication is when Tom reached to hold Summertime’s hand in public, however Summertime moved her hand quickly away from his, so that they would not hold hands. Not just was she letting him understand she did not want to show affection in front of anybody, however she was stating her loss of interest in him romantically.

Nevertheless, moments such as this were evidence of blended messages Summer season usually showed to Tom. She did keep physical intimacy with him. However, she did not wish to openly develop a romantic relationship with him. Then once again nonverbal messages are more easy to alter and suggest another than verbal meanings. A smile can reveal comfort or simply moring than happy or smiling because somebody else in smiling at you.

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Another example that of non spoken communication that revealed, is when Tom and Summer season went to the store and they were flirting with each other and playing the roles if they were all ready living together. The Proxemics in that selected location provided the opportunity so reveal more affection with each other. They had a representation of the future they might have with one another.

To go more into depth they were already a lot of problems that were going on between Tom and Summers relationship. There were many nonverbal cues between Tom and Summer. A lot of problems came in to play when one of them confused or misinterpreted the others nonverbal communications. All in all, relationships are built upon building blocks of many subjects. In the movie 500 Days of Summer, one can see the nonverbal communication through out the whole movie. People will see Tom and Summer’s example of how relationships are able to form, as well as how relationships can be terminated from the non verbal communication skills with many other communication problems.

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