“50 first dates” Movie Review Essay

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“50 first dates” Movie Review

50 first dates was a fun and a colorful movie, which brings the audience into curiosity. The movie is about a guy named Henry trying to build a romantic relationship with a girl named Lucy. Henry before was in to short-term attractions to the tourist. He was afraid of commitment because of what he went through in college. He would jump from one sexual attraction to another not think anything of it. While Lucy who had a mental disorder called Goldfield Syndrome, which made her lose her short-term memory. Really had no chose on being in a relationship because she wouldn’t remember the person the next day. That all changed the moment Henry first saw her in the cafe. From then on Henry made all the effort he could give just to win Lucy’s heart.

Despite the syndrome Henry managed to let Lucy know how much he loves her through a video tape that he takes every single day. In this way, Lucy will know what happened to her and the tape is used to remind her what she did the past days. Visual arts was important to Henry because without it he could’ve not let Lucy remember what happened to her. Besides the story of Henry and Lucy in 50 first dates, visual arts plays a big role in my life. Not only because it makes life more colorful, but to think that art can express itself into a greater way that is through what a man can see. Not only do the visual arts provide pleasure and creative inspiration, but they also help foster dialogue and bring important issues to the public eye.

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