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50 arh II

What element describes the imposision of order and harmony

Compsitional unity stricks a interesting balance b/t the monotony of too much similarity in the chaos of too much ____ in a work of art.

What principle of art did Katsushika Hokusas imploy in the ‘great wave’ (in order to bring harmony to what could otherwise be avery chaotic scene).

In this painting ‘the Flagellation’ italian artist Piero /Della Francesa created unity by concentrating groups of figures in two dif areas ___ and ___
foreground and background

The gernan word which refers to something in which the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

This is a kind of visual diversity that can bring many dif ideas, media or elements together in one composition.

Creating visual weight and counter weight is part of an artists use of the element of ___.

In his work ‘six permissions’ chinese monk use dif visual weight on each side this is known as ___.

___ balance is achieved when all elements are equidistant.

Tibetan buddhist monks create radial designs of color sand images, represent the universe as

The swedish artist Oldenburg uses this kind of scale in his sculptures to express the little things in everyday life.

In ancient Egypt which part of the human body was used as a standard of measurement?

When artists use scale to indicate the relative importance of element in a composition he is imploying this scale?

This group of artist used distorted scale to create dream like images

The relation ships b/t sizes of dif parts of a work make up its ___.

‘School of Athens’ artist created figures using human proportions developed by ancient Greeks

“school of Athens”, the artits focused our attention on two Greek philosophers positioned in the center of the work. Who are they/
Plato and Aristotle

The sculpture known as Poseiden used what body part as a standard unit of proportional measurement

Rectangles based on the golden section can be nested inside each other to create an elegant ___

Thea ancient Greeks designed the Parthenon according to idealized rules of proportion for the human body ___ design.

Any of the ___ of art can help focus our interest on specific area of a work of art.

The opposite of emphasis is ___.

An art work can have only one focal point

This is the specific part in a area of emphasis to which the viewers eye is drawn.
Focal Point

‘Landscape with the Fall of Icarus’ the artist intended to divert our attention so that we can barely notice Icarus plunging to his doom; a prime example of ___

Artemisia Gentileschi worked during this stylistic and historical period

Artist can use ___ to organize the elements in a work and draw our attention to areas of emphasis and ffocal points.
direction, line, dramatic contrast and placement

If an artist painted a garden with one red flower in a field of yellow flowers this would be an example of using color to create contrast. For the viewer, the single red flower would be ___.
Focal Point

‘The Funeral of St. Bonoventure’ the artist used the principle of ___ to create emphasis and focal point.

Which two type of line shape our examination of a work of art by directing the movemnet of our gaze.
Actual and Implied

The recurrence of a single element in a work of art is called __

The American painter used small abstract motifs to create a huge self portrait, ___ ___.
Chuck Close

In the painting ‘the Blue /room’ artist uses patterns that ___.

A design repeated as a unit in a pattern is a ___.

The principle of rhythm does not apply to photography.

This art movement valued randomness, obserdity and patterns.

What 16th century artist designed ‘Hunter in the Snow’ using rhyhms
Pieter Bruegel

A pattern with reg intervals creates ___ rhythm.

What is the name for any side a a building that is intended to be looked at?

Female artist brilliantly used rhythmic structure in ‘Plowing in the Nivernais’ image of cattle at work in the fields.
Rose Boheur

A work that depicts people of object in a way that makes them recognizable

What does the cross on Velazquez’s tunic in ‘las meninas’ symbolize?
Member of the order of Santiago

Jose de Rivera’s sculpture ‘infinity’ can be described as non-objective because the subject matter is ___.

Picaso was an inventive artist who never used artworks from the past for inspiration.

In Audrey Flack’s ‘Marilyn Monroe’ the burning Candle, Flower, and the hour glass that reminds us of death. This kind of symbolism

Jean -Auguste representational portrail of the woman in “Grand Odalisque” ____ her body

The presence of Valesquez’s self-portrait “Las Meninas” indicates that the painter____
wanted artist’s to be of high status

The atmosphere of Edward Hopper’s “Nighthawks” is one of ____

Picasso’s “Las Meninas” is ____

Thomas Struth’s “Museo Del Prado 7” is ____

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