5 Key Insights for Developing an App for Fashion Industry

This article points out the crucial features that you should be getting for your fashion store app with which you want to take your physical storefront into the mCommerce world space. There’s has been literally no end to the revolution of mobile apps with one kind of app creating the buzz after another. While it has not kept any of the industries aloof from its influence, the most impacted ones are the on-demand services, food restaurants, retail and fashion.

The world of fashion deliberately needed it because people always looked for something within their hand’s reach through which can lift up their style sense and appearance.

Not everyone has the time or patience to visit a fashion store and shop from across hundreds of items displayed on the shelves. Simply, getting help and support from a pioneered team of Android and iOS app developers can help you have your own in a few months time. Here a long list of features that you should be considering to build an exclusive app for online fashion apparel selling giving buyers a seamless shopping experience.

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The success of selling fashion or lifestyle products comes with a great and flawless presentation of products. For this user-interface is important, which help in differentiating customer engagement and conversion rates. Eye-catchy themes, bright colours and sleek designs will help to add more vibrancy to your app, Registration with least complications There are a plethora of alike mStore applications for fashion clothing and hence a bit of flaw in your app will let down users and make them choose any other app.

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Registration is the first step to beckon the visitors to buy from you. Provide a hassle-free registration with fewer informational requirements for faster checkout or exclusive “Guest checkout” for the buyers who for the time being don’t want to be a registered user. Sorted listing or navigation The listing of products has to be precise in every way.

There should not be any unnecessary cluttering of the categories or any irrelevant products listing. The categorisation should be done wisely placing the prominent sub-categories prominently which will better assist the users to find out what they want in a second. Additionally, there is a need for ‘Filter’ for letting buyers refine their searches along with the responsive search box and size guides. Push notifications Most Android and iPhone app developers suggest businesses to have push notifications in their mCommerce apps because that is the best way to keep customers informed about the new products added, discounts, seasonal offers or any personalised deals.

Besides, letting them stay updated, it also helps in developing a direct relationship between the buyers and the fashion brand. So, that is a major way of treating the customers as valuable assets. Apps enabled with AR facility While many online buyers are still facing the problem of not getting any perfect-fit apparel despite the size guides, here’s this AR (Augmented Reality) feature in your mobile store can help them. The dedicated app developers community around the world have found a feature that takes an image of the customer via the mobile’s camera and the scans it to get the right size. Truly, with this, the satisfaction level of online buyers post purchases will rise significantly.

Furthermore, packing your app with these features set does not mean you would be ignoring the aspect of customer services that you provide in your in-store. Like the way you or your salesmen talk to customers, answer their queries and get them the best deals, make your app do the same with efficient Chatbots or a live chat module. Author bio:..is one of experienced and devoted iOS app developers in Sydney who works at Envertis, an earmarked firm offering allied services of mobile app development in Australia to businesses in all fields. A avid techie, a writer and passionate traveller, he is the maker of some of the most challenging apps in retail and healthcare category till date.

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