Regions Chart and Written Response Essay

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Regions Chart and Written Response

Continued to treat the African Americans poorly.
Paid poorly wages just cared about having a name and the money. Social reform movement. Farmers were politically active.

Growth of industries caused a gap between rich and poor in this region. Political views clashed. Labor union formed first here. Still had race issues. Segregation and discrimination continued. The Chinese immigrants and the white settlers had cultural differences that led to friction. Riots and discrimination laws. Gap between rich and poor. A lot of friction. Active labor unions

Economic or Type of Economy
Center of the industrialization during the first and second industrial revolution. Producing more than 85% of the United States industrial products. Very low on industrial output. Had textile mills and ironwork industries. Agriculture included timber, coal, iron and steel. Little industrial development. Natural Resources was their main thing such as limber and metals. Agriculture as well. Farming and manufacturing.

Steel and automotive. Upper states we center of industry, a hub for shipping and transportation. Population Change Many immigrants began to come. 1 out of 5 industrial workers was an immigrant. Very high population. African Americans leaving to new factories in the North and Midwest for a better chance at good wages and improve their economic and social standings. Immigrants from China came to the West looking for jobs on expanding the railroads. Sparse Population.

Cities grew rapidly.
Large numbers of immigrants.
200,000 miles of railroads connected cities by the 1900. The necessity of coal led to mining. Great transportation systems. New railroads stretched as far as Florida.
Major railroads connected the West to the East. Railroads and Trains contained livestock and grain.

Part 2 – Respond to the prompt in a well- developed paragraph of your own. Be sure to include social, political and economic factors in your response and fully address all parts of the prompt. Explain how the Second Industrial Revolution affected the North, South, West, and Midwest. Which region would you have preferred to live in during this period? Why?

The Second Industrial Revolution affected the North, South, West and Midwest mostly by population, economy, and social changes. Many immigrants came to these regions searching for a better life or founding out information on new technology because of this, it led to a lot of social friction between the immigrants and the settlers of the region. Political views clashed, segregation, riots and discrimination laws were happening while immigrants were coming in.

These regions had to work with what they had and what they can use, this created the different types of economy such as industrial, manufacturing, farming, agriculture, etc. I would’ve preferred to live in the northern region because it was more developed in industries and technology.

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