Largest brand in L’Oreal group Essay

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Largest brand in L’Oreal group

The company of my product is Garnier. Garnier is a company that produces cosmetics and hair care products. It was founded in 1904.For more than 100 years; Garnier has been creating new and available cosmetics to cover multiple beauty needs. Garnier is the second largest brand in L’Oreal group. Garnier is in the fast moving consumer goods sector. Garnier produces hair care products, including the Fructis line, and most recently skin care products under the name, Nutritioniste, that are sold around the world. Garnier is also a mass market cosmetics brand.

The company’s product lines are targeted for different skin types and cultures. Garnier has a line of extensive range of beauty products. The company has changed as it has become part of the L’Oreal group. This means that there are more competitors to the company because it has joined a very competitive brand. Also the company will gain a lot of customer because of L’Oreal. Garnier also partnered with TerraCycle to promote their product containers and the introduction of biodegradable products.

Garniers first product was made by Alfred Garnier in 1904. This was a hair tonic product. After this, Garnier developed their products into sun care items in 1936. Garnier also started to produce Garnier Fructis hair cares and Garnier Fructis style products. This shows that Garnier has changed their products into different segments to aim at different markets. Garnier also changed their shampoo products from dandruff control to colour protection. Garniers mission is to continue producing hair products made with natural ingredients.

The full company name, Laboratories Garnier, originated in the 1920’s as a producer of hair care products made with organic ingredients. Also, Garniers objectives were to capture market share in a wide range of benefit-oriented segments of the hair care market. Garnier promised their market that they will deliver affordable but sophisticated products on a range of needs. To keep their promise, Garnier promoted its hair care products as natural and high technology. Their objective is to reduce by 50% of their environmental impact in the following areas by 2015: Greenhouse gas emissions

Water consumption
Waste generated per product unit As Garnier joined with L’Oreal, their competitors changed, Garniers competitors were Unilever and P&G. As you can see, these two companies are very high in competition. Garnier has launched their products in USA as well which has given them more competitors. Garnier operates in the tertiary sector as well as secondary. As you can see, Garnier manufactures their products as well selling them to their market.


The product is Garnier Fructis Strength and Shine 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner. The target market for this product is adults. I have chosen this product because it has both shampoo and conditioner in it. Also the product is mainly aimed at women’s. This product is designed to smooth normal hair and leaving it glossy. I will adapt the use of this product. Also I will change who the product is aimed at. This product makes hair -feel nourished

-and stronger.

Also this product has grape fruit extracts. This means that the developed product will have different fruit extracts which will attract the target market. I have changed this product into a 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner for teens and young adults aged between (15-19). I have chosen this product because in my research I found that Garnier currently only have shampoo and conditioner together for adults (mainly women’s) and not for teens or young adults. The target market for this product will be young adults. This is because young adults would be interested in hair care products to keep their hair secure and good looking, also there are not many hair products for young adults produced by this company therefore it would be a new release in the market for this target market products.

The price of the shampoo is £2.54 and the price of the conditioner is £2.54.The use of this product is to perform two different functions in one go .I would set the price at an average because young adults would want to spend on a high price on their products but would prefer at an average . The price would be about £5-6 pounds. I have set the price high because other shampoos that are aimed at this target market are at a high price such as ‘Bed head’. The costs of shampoos made by this company is around £10.00 Also the product will be sold with difference fragrances which will also attract the young adults because the smell will be on their hair. These will be artificial fragrances of fruits.

This is an advantage because they care a lot about their hair and would want it to be in good condition .This product would be a good choice for people who buy Garnier products because it is a new product that has not been produced by this company. I have found out that there are more hair care products for adults rather than teens and young adults. My competition is Pantene. I found this in my research.

Marketing strategies- used different market strategies in order to penetrate the market. -Aggressive
-Add value
-Market segment
Competitors- strengths and weaknesses of the competitors. How I gain advantage from the competitors Have they got a usp that im gnna build up on. Extensions strategies used for other products in the company. Where are the products in the life cycle Where does your product fit into that life cycle.

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