40 Art History: Pop Art

Which of the following best describes how pop art is made?
a. by borrowing mass-produced images

What emotional tone can be detected in pop art images?
c. ironic and cynical

Who is often considered the founder of the pop art movement?
d. Richard Hamilton

What characteristics distinguish Lichtenstein’s work?
d. all of the above
(primary colors, benday dots, comic book style)

What different technique did Warhol use to reproduce the image above?
c. silkscreen

What theme did the artist of the above image usually include in his work?
a. the food industry

How was the above image culturally relevant of the pop art style?
c. heavy pigmentation and well-defined shadows

Who is the artist of the image above?
c. Andy Warhol

What format did Warhol borrow to create the above images of Marilyn Monroe?
b. diptych format from the icons of Christianity such as those found in the Byzantine church

According to the lecture, what aspect of American culture inspired the pop art movement?
a. The influence of mass production

Richard Hamilton decided to make art that __________________________,just like car bodies and the latest consumer goods.
a. symbolized the times by their style

Andy Warhol’s best works ___________________ behind their mass-produced surfaces.
b. conceal important insights

When was pop art most popular?
b. between 1955 and 1965

Who is the artist of the image above?
(Girl on the Phone)


b. Roy Lichtenstein

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