4 Ways to Sustain Tourism Industry Essay

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4 Ways to Sustain Tourism Industry

Sustainable destinations have achieved balance. They have balanced the long-term economic needs of residents with the short and medium term needs of businesses. They have done this by creating a diverse and value-laden tourism product that attracts a mix of domestic and international guests, many of whom are repeat visitors and have made a personal financial commitment to the destination.

Sustainable destinations are managed by well-trained and committed staff. They have an up-to-date tourism plan which focuses on sustainable tourism. They have the personnel, resources, and political commitment to implement and monitor the plan. Achievements are tracked and made public. Tourists are consulted and their opinions are considered in plans. Safety is taken seriously and plans and policies exist for crisis, security, fire, health and safety.

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Sustainable destinations reinvest the profits from their tourism activities in environmental conservation and historic restoration and preservation. They demonstrate a thriving culture, strong social networks and increasing biodiversity. They show effective planning, substantial land and marine protection, increased energy and water conservation, and a reduction in solid waste per guest over time. They have an effective recycling and wastewater sanitation program that is carefully managed. They have taken steps to reduce the carbon footprint of their activities. Sustainable destinations are internationally recognized, valued by tourists for their environmental quality, and receive increasing value from tourist stays.

Assessment We start by working together to establish a long-term view of the destination landscape, identifying sustainability risks and strategic growth opportunities. We facilitate discussions with stakeholders, while utilizing our innovative tools and expertise to develop a clear plan of action. Planning

As we design and implement initiatives, we’ll prioritize critical impacts, build local capacity and set achievable benchmarks. Over time, we’ll help you implement these programs, track their progress, and monitor your results. Standards and Monitoring

Sustainable tourism standards are the genesis of quality tourism planning. Our place-based solutions focus on the needs of the destination, while assuring that local tourism businesses meet third-party verified levels of quality and sustainability.

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