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4 Special Techniques of Technical Writing Essay

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 3 (734 words)
Categories: Essay,Writing
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The four particular techniques are DEFINITION. DESCRIPTION OF MECHANISM. DESCRIPTION OF A PROCESS. and CLASSIFICATION. These techniques are non types of studies and it is of import to retrieve that these techniques normally appear in a individual study. It would be exceeding to happen an full study. even a short 1. merely one of these techniques.

For illustration. two incorporating or more techniques might be closely interlacing as a author described the design. building. and operation of a mechanism. The intermingling of these techniques. nevertheless. does non change the basic rules of their usage. These techniques can be studied most efficaciously by taking one technique at a clip.

1. Definition

In engineering. words have precise. specific significances ; hence there is a demand for specifying a proficient term clearly. The extent to which a term should be defined or the length of a definition depends on the writer’s intent and the cognition degree of the reader. Before traveling to the job of “how to define” .

it is better to “think about what should be defined foremost. ” It is non possible of class. to put up an absolute list of footings and thoughts that would necessitate definition. non even for a specific organic structure of readers. but it is possible and desirable to clear up the point of position from which the job of definition should be attacked.

2. Description of a Mechanism

A mechanism is by and large defined as any object or system that has a on the job portion or parts. Most frequently the term suggests tools. instruments. and machines. But other illustrations of mechanisms could be the human organic structure and systems like the existence or a metropolis. which is composed of parts that work together like parts of a machine. A proficient adult male invariably works with mechanisms and ever needs to understand them ; what they do. what they look like. what parts they have. and how these parts work together. There are three cardinal divisions of the description and these are the debut. the part-by-part description. and the decision.

3. Description of a Procedure

A procedure is a series of actions. and basically the description of a procedure is the description of action. The action may be either one of two types. One type is that in which attending is focused on the public presentation of a human being. or perchance a group of human existences. A simple illustration is registering a work piece by manus ; in a description of this procedure. accent would fall of course upon the human accomplishments required. The other type involves action in which a homo operator either is non straight concerned at all. or invisible. An case is the operation of a contactor.

4. Categorization

Categorization is the orderly. systematic agreement of related things in conformity with a regulating rule or footing. The classifier notes the structural and functional relationships among things that constitute a category. In entering this relationships. the classifier employs certain conventional footings. Acquaintance with these convenient footings will do the remainder easy to follow.


Mechanism is by and large defined as any object or system that has a on the job portion or parts while the Process is a series of actions and basically is the description of action. Mechanism besides has three cardinal divisions of description viz. the debut. the part-by-part description. and the decision. Procedure in the other manus has two types of action. The first type is focused on the public presentation of the human being or perchance a group of human existences. The 2nd type involves action in which a homo operator either is non straight concerned at all. or invisible.

Example of Each Technique:

-An Electrician is a Technician
-A technique is a systematic process used to carry through a complex or scientific undertaking.

Description of Mechanism
-The pendulum of the clock swings to the left. The palette moves in the opposite way to the right. The right leg of the palette prosecute a tooth of the flight wheel.

Description of a Procedure
-A dropped of blood traced through the full organic structure takes the undermentioned class: the blood with O from the lungs goes through the pneumonic venas to the left auricula atrii. to the left ventricle. and so to the aorta or great arteria. This arteria and its subdivisions carry the blood to all parts of the organic structure.

-According to fuel ingestion. autos can be categorized into two types. intercrossed autos and regular autos.

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