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4 Points of Winning Essay

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Let’s start with “First is prayer.”Nothing is as strong as correct prayer. This is faith of “no prayer will go unanswered.” This is the Mystic Law of “no strategy can match the strategy of the Lotus Sutra.” In any struggle, everything begins with prayer. And it is vital to always continue praying. We have to pray right through any difficulty we encounter.

The Mystic Law is the fundamental principle of the universe.

The prayers of a person who chants, practices and struggles for the Mystic Law, which is of such supreme importance, will be perfectly in synch with the fundamental rhythm of the universe. Accordingly, no prayer by such a person will go unanswered. The benevolent deities, the Buddhas and bodhisattvas will all extend their protection without fail.

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The important thing is prayer for kosen-rufu. In other words, it is prayer based on a vow for the protection and the powerful flourishing of the Soka Gakkai that is advancing kosen-rufu.

It is prayer with the spirit “Buddhism is victory or defeat” to show actual proof of the greatness of the Mystic Law in our life.

The prayers of a votary of the Lotus Sutra will be answered without fail. No matter what might happen, a person of powerful prayer will be able to change poison into medicine. Such a person has absolutely nothing to fear.

Just how immense is the power of daimoku? It is the ultimate power to move the universe. The rhythm of daimoku resounds throughout the universe while activating the Buddha nature in our life.

Those who sonorously chant daimoku change the life of one friend after another and cause their communities, society and the world to move toward peace and prosperity, while causing their own life force to abundantly well forth.

What is the secret to causing an organization to develop? It is the determination of the central figure. It is to always live out one’s life together with the Soka Gakkai based on the spirit of mentor and disciple.

Also, earnestness and action are very important.

An organization in which the leaders pray and take action with all their might will thrive. By contrast, an organization whose central figure is arrogant toward those within and never ventures outside will not develop.

We need to take the initiative in meeting with others. We need to build new friendships. We have to proudly tell people about the greatness of the Soka Gakkai and the wonder of mentor and disciple. It is this that will open a new age.

When the central figure really fights hard and leads a fulfilling life each day, this vitality will be transmitted to others, and everyone will become happy. An organization ultimately depends on the central figure. I would like to reiterate this point.

Of course, someone who understands being “earnest” to mean always wearing a fierce expression will only drive people away. While stoking a fighting spirit in our heart, when meeting friends we should put on a bright smile and offer warm encouragement.

At any rate, faith is “action for becoming happy.” The life of Buddhism always exists within action. The second of the four principles for absolute victory is action.

Without action, Buddhism could not exist. To what extent has one taken action for kosen-rufu? This is the true expression of one’s faith.

It’s not a matter of organizational position or standing. It could be said that the strength or weakness of a person’s faith directly manifests in their actions. Those who take action for kosen-rufu are most noble. Leaders absolutely must never forget the importance of such individuals.

I only believe in action. Rather, I cannot believe anything except action.

Why is the world of Buddhism beautiful, profound and strong? It is because it contains the supreme unity of “many in body, one in mind.”

Unity of “many in body, one in mind” is the third of the four principles for absolute victory. It could be said that such unity is truly the secret to achieving kosen-rufu.

An organization possessing unity of “many in body, one in mind” is sure to develop. By contrast, an organization of “one in body, many in mind” or “many in body, many in mind” is sure to decline.

The statement, “If the spirit of many in body but one in mind prevails among the people, they will achieve all their goals” (WND-1, 618), is a great principle that must never be forgotten. It is eternal guideline.

It is certainly no exaggeration to say that our victory or defeat will depend entirely on whether we can construct an organization of with unity of “many in body, one in mind.”

Kosen-rufu is a battle against devilish forces. Even a great castle will be taken by enemies if it has an area that is unguarded or that is weak. If there are people of “many in body, many in mind” within the castle, then devils will be able to cause disruptions in the castle that much more easily.

In unity of “many in body, one in mind,” there is no such thing as one person being above or below another. It is not a matter of our being “one in body.” We’re “different in body.” While treasuring the individuality and unique characteristics of each person, we need to equally pool our energies with a spirit of “one in mind.”

There is a vital point for strengthening unity of “many in body, one in mind.” Namely: activities whereby “persons inside the castle destroy the castle from within” cannot be allowed. We have to steadfastly battle people of “many in body, many in mind,” who are parasites in the lion’s bowels, and completely remove the roots of this devilish tendency.

President Toda strictly decreed: “If a leader forgets kosen-rufu and tries to create a personal clique out of concern for personal fame and fortune, then the other leaders must unite in firmly driving away such a selfish and egoistic person.”

This harmonious unity of the Soka Gakkai, which President Toda declared to be more important than his own life, must be protected for all eternity. I would like to assert that this is the pulse of kosen-rufu.

What is the most essential thing for advancing in unity of “many in body, one in mind”? It is to live out one’s life in unity with the mentor.

Oneness of mentor and disciple is the imperative that people who are “different in body” become “one in mind.” This is the fourth of the four principles for absolute victory.

Unity of “many in body, one in mind” can only be solidified by each person forming a deep resolve to unite in spirit with the mentor and advance kosen-rufu.

It is precisely in such unity that the beneficial power of the Mystic Law becomes clearly manifest.

Oneness of mentor and disciple is foundation that determines our attainment of Buddhahood. The great path of perpetuating kosen-rufu lies precisely in advancing in unity with the mentor.

That’s because without the pillar of mentor and disciple, we will be readily carried away by our emotions, and swept along by the conditions of the times. Without mentor and disciple, we would be easily defeated when confronted by devils.

It is now 50 years since President Toda passed away. I am confident that as President Toda’s disciple I have been able to establish a model of the path of a disciple, the path of a successor, and the path of oneness that will shine free of any blemish for ten thousand years.

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