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4 Hijabi Outfit Ideas For A Memorable Eid Al Adha Holiday

Categories: Eid Al Adha

Excitingly, Eid Al Adha is here again; it brings along concerns we have to deal like what outfit to wear. Eid Al Adha is celebrated all over the world in Muslim communities with enthusiasm; people love to greet and meet each other. Special meat dishes are prepared, and special gatherings take place.

When it comes to choosing the right outfit for these Eid gatherings, it is not easy as it sounds; hijabis have to keep pace with trends, contrasts, and select appropriate hijabs as well, so Bokitta’s instant pinless modern hijab is their right choice.

Hijabi Outfit Ideas for Eid Al Adha holiday

Imperial Silver Look

Like every year, Bokitta has the most fantastic designs with the latest Éthéré collection. The imperial silver look will make you appear glamorous for your Eid celebrations. Silver is a glittery color and no doubt a best one to utilize for Eid. With a unique shade of blue pinless hijab, you must wear a sea green top for the most exceptional Eid look.

A top with some embellishments, shimmer, or frills would be a suitable choice.

For the pants, you can utilize black pants, because the combination of black and silver looks superb. When it comes to the accessories, this is the time when you must hit the combo, yes use a silver handbag; preferably opt for a normal-sized bag with stunningly decorated stripes. Finally, for shoes, only black heels can complete your look, prefer one-strap black high heels for Eid parties.

Velvet Caviar Look

You are not just limited to light colors when it comes to Eid festivities.

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For all the dark color lovers, this idea is for you. Choose a black top along with multi-shades hijab of Velvet Caviar look from Éthéré collection.

The best pants for this look would be the wide-opened trousers having buttons at one side. The grace of this outfit is incomplete without narrow black shoes. As far as the accessories are concerned, a silver handbag would do the trick. Accessorize with some complimentary colored rings.

This outfit idea is for those who want to give a wild look but in a graceful way. In other words, if you want a soft and sharp look at the same time, then this is what you need.

Serene Greige Look

If you are looking for a unique and stylish outfit look, then this idea is for you. It does not include any dark colors, just a fantastic combination of light colors having ultramodern attire. Printed hijab having soft colors with the dark grey top will make you look classy.

To keep pace with combination, use jeans of the light blue shade. For accessories, it not appropriate to carry many things with yourself, rather just go for a small hand bag having offwhite color; opt for a formal clutch to give your outlook an Eid touch. As far as the shoes are concerned, the proper look can be achieved if you wear plain offwhite colored flats.

Velvet blue Look

For all hijabis who feel comfortable wearing a not-so-glossy outfit and prefer soft-but-graceful costumes, this idea is for you. Hijab having a lighter shade of dark blue with a top of sky blue color will make you look elegant.

When it comes to the trousers, choose loose ones, having a dark blue color. For the accessory, you must go for a pink-colored medium bag having long strips. To give your outfit final look, blue-colored flats with the two-strap design would appear magical. For this look, heels are not preferred, instead, go for flats, and you are all set to be admired.

Things to Keep in Mind

Try trendy outfit ideas from Bokitta’s Éthéré collection, but keep in mind some tips while finalizing your outfit.

Choosing the Right Hijab

Firstly, you need to select the proper hijab; this pretty much depends upon your face shape and your complexion. Deal with this thing very wisely because in order to look classy yet graceful, this factor is really critical. Your hijab must look suitable for your Eid outfit.

Color Contrasts

Color contrasts can either make your look or can destroy it; there is no room in-between. If you are not sure which color you should choose as a contrast, you can always perform some online research. Check out Bokitta’s blog for help in selecting the perfect hijab, but never ever jump into wrong color combos.

Use of Accessories

It is Eid, and how can you wear an outfit without accessories? Accessories are the perfect way of differentiating your casual wear from Eid attire. Accessories and Eid outfit go hand-in-hand, but you need to choose the right accessory for your gear. Do not wear tons of accessories as it will give a wrong impression. Stay sophisticated with the required amount of accessories.

Have a feisty Eid!

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