3M vs. 3N Trademark Infringement Case

In a (happening now) trademark violation case, the Zhejiang High Court dismissed the violation organization’s guard dependent on its business (action of accomplishing or completing something challenging), punished it for (lowering in number/getting worse) to uncover its records and granted harms to the offended parties which gone way past/went way past as far as possible.

The court held that the person who responded organization’s piece of the pie and shopper base got from its consistent trademark violation exercises; agreeing its guard would in this manner without a doubt strongly encourage trademark violator to bypass (things you owe/things you’re responsible for/disadvantages) by extending the size of violation, in the clear logical (unexpected difference, missing thing, or mistake) of the Trademark Law.

Further, the court found that the(person involved in a lawsuit) should carry/hold the bad/unhelpful results of its refusal to admit/recognize/respond to the weight of (event(s) or object(s) that prove something) and granted the offended parties RMB 3.

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5 million – going way past as far as possible gave under the2001 form of the Trademark Law.

Real things/real events

3M possesses two enrolled 3M trademarks (884963 (October 21, 1996) and 5966501 (March 7,2010)) in Class 17, used individually on “poor/not enough sheets or strips produced using retro-smart materials” and “retro-smart plastic film, other than for pressing (to improve and support(ability for liquids and gases to flow through) and wellbeing)”. 3M China Limited, a backup of 3M, is approved by 3M to use the 3M trademarks in China and has been creating and breaking up and moving away vehicle retro-smart stamping items since 2004.

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On December 16, 2005, Changzhou Hua Wei Advanced Material Co, Ltd (Hua Wei) recorded/supported the 3N trademark in Class 19 for assigned merchandise covering glowing sheet and clearing. The trademark (online or paper form that asks for a job, money, admission, etc.) was for starters supported/recommended by the China Trademark Office (CTMO) on December 23, 2008.

On May 27, 2009, 3M Company recorded/supported a restriction against the 3N mark. On August3, 2011, the CTMO supported/recommended the enrollment of the went against/argued against imprint, however just for clearly stated/particular products.

Hua Wei advanced before the Trademark Review and Judging Board (TRAB). On July 29, 2013, theTRAB rejected the (join the military) ment of the 3N mark, referring to the earlier enrolled trademark 3M in Class 19. Hua Wei did not request.

On November 27, 2013, 3M and 3M China recorded/supported suit against Hua Wei and its nearby (person who sells things) under the watchful eye of the Hangzhou Intermediate Court on the grounds of trademark violation, looking for:

  • a court order to stop creation and deal;
  • harms of RMB5.1 million (which 3M and 3M China later raised to RMB13 million);
  • and another RMB200,000 to take care of the (reasonable/showing good judgment) expenses of stopping the violation exercises.

With all due respect, Hua Wei (promised that something will definitely happen or that something will definitely work as described) that:

  • its 3N imprint was not like the 3M mark;
  • in opinion about the span and degree of its use of the 3N mark, just as of the value difference between the two organizations’ items, a steady market request had appeared and the important open could definitely recognize the two imprints;
  • and it had no conscious goal to use (for selfish reasons) fame (for something bad) of the 3M mark, as its 3N imprint included the first letters of its (related to big business) way of thinking – “New Idea, New Technologies, New Products”.

In the same way/in that way, there had been no terribly unfair treatment on Hua Wei’s part.


The middle of the road court gave out its choice on June 30, 2015, certifying trademark violation, requesting the wholesaler to quickly stop deal (creation having just stopped) and requesting HuaWei to pay RMB3.5 million to the offended parties.

The court expelled Hua Wei’s resistance, finding that the 3M trademark had a (different from what’s usually expected) state of weird quality and fame (for something bad). It also watched followed the 3M imprint to be outwardly like the 3N mark, and that purchasers were probably going to confuse Hua Wei’s 3N items with those of the offended parties (or if nothing else to expect a clearly stated/particular relationship between them). Further, the court found that Hua Wei’s (acts of showing or proving) were clearly deliberate, taking note of that Hua Wei had never advanced the (talked-about, but possibly not true/real) saying “New Idea, NewTechnologies, New Products” for its 3N trademark.

On September 9, 2015, the Zhejiang High Court maintained the first (or most important) occasion choice. The court gave an opinion that if Hua Wei’s piece of the overall industry and existing purchaser base – based on its trademark violation exercises – were to be seen as a big safeguard against a violation (promise that something will definitely happen or that something will definitely work as described), this would without a doubt “strongly encourage trademark violators to go around (things you owe/things you’re responsible for/disadvantages) through increasing/helping violation scales, which absolutely clearly cancels the strict/excellent reason and interferes with the goal of the Chinese Trademark Law”.

In end/end result, the court hugged/supported almost the same thinking as that of the first (or most important) occasion court and requested Hua Wei to pay back the offended parties for RMB 3.5 million.

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