Uniforms eliminate judgment Essay

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Uniforms eliminate judgment

Whether or not uniforms should be in all schools is a constant debate. Did you know school uniforms have been around for hundreds of years? I believe that uniforms should be in all schools. Uniforms eliminate judgment, distractions and violence. Uniforms eliminate the peer pressure of high school. Wearing uniforms helps to raise self-esteem and gives teens a feeling of belonging. Everyone is seen as equal regardless of their family’s economic status. Uniforms reduce the pressure of being popular and eliminate cliques which revolve around what you wear. It allows teens to experience a feeling of acceptance regardless of their social and economic background. School uniforms create a safer learning environment for students and faculty.

They enable school authorities to easily recognize trespassers that do not belong in the school. Violence and bullying is decreased due to all students appearing equal. A fewer number of thefts occur as everyone owns the same apparel. They eliminate gang mentality as they cannot represent themselves. Violence is decreased as everyone appears as one. Studies have proved many positive results of uniforms in schools. Students are less focused on what their wearing, creating less distractions and making it easier for them to learn.

Uniforms create a stricter environment which leads to school rules more likely being followed. Teachers do not have to worry about being ‘clothes police’ and can concentrate on their teaching. Not having to pick out an outfit saves time that students can use to sleep and study. This will improve student attendance and punctuality. Uniforms create unity and boosts school spirit and involvement. Uniforms give students a more positive outlook on school and create unity within the school.

Clearly, uniforms bring about a positive school atmosphere and enables student’s to focus on their studies. Uniforms help students to reach their full academic potential without the outside distractions of everyday teenage pressures. By learning these skills in high school, teens will become more productive members of society. These skills will advance your self-esteem and further your potential in life. Uniforms can teach teens to be more accepting of others and not quick to judge. Therefore, wearing uniforms in high school is a small price to pay for a life full of acceptance and achievements. Remember, high school is a learning process not a fashion show.

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