History of education Essay

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History of education

Jim Henson once said, “Kids don’t remember what you try to teach them. They remember what you are.” Teaching doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be smart, you have to be a teacher or professor. Being a good and intellectual person does make you belong. A program named Literacy Training Program (LTS) will help you acquire those required qualifications in order to possess an effective teaching even without getting a bachelor’s degree. LTS is one of the means for us students to help those in need as well as for us to contribute to society by aiding these people to become better citizens.

At first, I only require myself to attend and give presence every meeting just for the sake of passing and completion of units. Little did I know that LTS was not just a subject to attend but rather exposing one’s self into realities of life. As a student, I am not very much exposed to different kinds of people, different situations of everyday life, and to different communities as well. In our immersion that was held twice, I have seen those. It made me realized how blessed I am compared with them. So I have attained the urge of taking it as challenge. I am challenge because I am not typically a patient person and not really good in teaching.

As a beginner, you must possess virtues like integrity, dedication, fairness and an open mind to greet new ideas and innovate. You should also bear in mind the value of positive reinforcement. I was also taught that we should always establish good relationships with the kids. I witnessed many scenes that a teacher encounters in her teaching career. I felt what a professional teacher felt when she wants her students to learn something new from her. Here, I felt pity with the students not having a proper care from their family.

I learned so many things in this teaching experience. I learned how to be more prepared for the materials that I needed, to be patient in making my student understand our lesson, and to be a good listener. I learned the difficulty of teaching many students and the joy I got from it. I learned how to have sympathy for others, to understand their weaknesses and to appreciate their abilities. Most of all, I learned how to socialize with other people, expose myself to the community and adopt their surroundings.

LTS helped me develop and grow even more as a student. It opened our minds for us to be able to understand the different circumstances as to what the children experienced. It helped us not to be judgmental to these children and instead to extend our patience until they will be able to understand what is taught to them. We always end our program with a prayer, making the children realized that whatever happens, we should always thank God about everything for what He had given to us, that we should ask for forgiveness and hoping that by the next immersion, it would be much better.

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