3 Problems Every Business Faces That Shutterstock Editor Can Solve

When it comes to marketing the business you’ve worked so hard to start up, one thing is for certain: Creativity is key. But not every entrepreneur has the skillset, the tools or the time to create compelling and engaging marketing materials.

One tool to consider is , from commercial imagery and music company Shutterstock. Free to use, Shutterstock Editor enables business owners to create presentations, posts for social media, advertisements, emails and other common marketing assets.

“Visual content needs to be created quickly and frequently to drive a healthy ROI.

It will ultimately perform better when it’s personalized by a brand or business,” Shutterstock Editor Product Owner Jason Schickel says. “Entrepreneurs wear many hats, and Editor allows them to play the role of designer with ease.”

Here, Schickel outlines three problems entrepreneurs often face when it comes to marketing their companies and how Shutterstock Editor aims to solve them.

1. No more feeling daunted by a blank canvas.

Odds are you’re not a professional designer, so creating marketing materials might not be your forte.

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Or maybe your creative juices simply aren’t flowing. Either way, the templates within Shutterstock Editor enable anyone to kickstart their design work and get it done quickly.

There are pre-made templates for presentations, ads, emails – you name it. “Regardless of your skill level,” Schickel says, “starting with a template allows you to begin with a solid foundation and opens up the power of the other tools to help tweak the imagery, text treatments, and more with ease.

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2. Easily avoid impersonal, ‘stock’ designs.

As a business owner, you want every marketing material and communication with your customers to have the look and feel of your brand – not something impersonal with stock images you see every other company using. Good news! Shutterstock Editor allows users to upload their own logos and images to their designs, creating a level of customization that businesses need.

“Building a brand is hard work and exposing it consistently and seamlessly can be a pain point for those involved in the creative process,” Schickel says. “Editor allows this to be done with just a few clicks, and these assets stay with you across working sessions in Editor, so you spend less time managing and more time creating.”

3. Eliminate headaches when creating designs specifically for social media.

How many times have you created a customized design just to have it look strange when you upload it to social media? Shutterstock Editor removes the guesswork and makes sharing designs simple.

You can use preset dimensions to size your designs for specific social media channels. Once you’re done, you can share your designs directly from the app without leaving the browser window.

Best of all, your social followers will immediately be able to like, comment on, retweet and pin your content, “driving brand awareness and engagement in an instant,” Schickel says.

Click here to and begin using it today.

Updated: Jan 15, 2023
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