3 mistakes of my life

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1. Review of ‘The3 Mistakes OfMy Life’By- ShubhamBhutada. 2. Name Of Book :The 3 mistakesof my lifeAuthor :Chetan BhagatPublisher : Rupa BooksPrice: `95 3. CharactersIt’s the story about three friendsOmi, Govind and Ishaan. The storyis presented through Govind’seyes and it’s his three mistakes oflife that are presented along.Govind is, interested in coming upon his own in life, through business. 4. Ish is cricket player whose passionlies in playing, teaching andwatching cricket. Omi is a priest‘sson who doesn’t have anyambition of his own and justmoves along with his two friends.

5. Story The book is based on real life events.What follows is a mix of cricket,religion, business, love and friendship.Story begins with Bhagat receivingan e-mail from Govind who hadtaken many sleeping pill.Govind set up Cricket Shop alongwith his friends in the templecompound with Omi’s family’s help. 6. The shop prospers as Ishaancoaches young boys in cricket andGovind teaches maths to someboys and Ishaan’ sister Vidya.

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They want to expand business innew mall in city.

They select theprime location in mall for their shopand pay the advance. 7. Omi’s Bittoo Mama (maternal uncle),a communal party man bent onconverting the young into fighters inthe name of Hinduism and wantsthat these boys should work for theresecular party.Ishan then meets Ali, a Muslim childmaster with reflex condition hit eachball for a six but can’t play more thanan over due to weakness. 8. They agreed to provide cricketcoaching and maths tuitions free ofcost to Ali. Ali displays the talent whichIshaan never had and Ali’s destinybecomes his own.

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It is the Republic day, earthquakecame in Gujarat. Mall in which theyhad booked shop get fully destroyed.Money invested (`110000) in mall shopturns into first big mistake of Govind.

9. They endure great pains to take Aliall the way to Sydney at thesuggestion of one of the Australianplayers. There, Ali is offered acontract on the condition that hehave to become an Australiancitizen is refused by Ali.Govind falls in love with Vidya . Thatwas his second big mistake. 10. Bittoo Mama sends his son andOmi’s mother with other Sevak toAyodhya. On their return journeyMuslim mob put on fire the bogie ofSevaks. In that Mama lost his son.Ahmedabad burns in riot fires.Bittoo mama with his party workerskills Ali’s family.

Now mama wantsto kill Ali. 11. Omi dies while saving Ali fromMama’s attack.Ishaan finds out about Vidya andGovind, a betrayal he does notforgive.Govind while protecting Ali formMama make his third mistake. Dueto a second delay a blade ofmama’s trishul jabbed Ali’s Wrist. 12. After these events Ishaan not talkwith Govind for more than twoyears. These events lead Govind tohis death-bed and that is when hewrites the email to Chetan.

Chetan Bhagat trigger thereconciliation between Ish andGovind, rekindle the love betweenGovind and Vidya & instill in himthe desire to stay alive. 13. CommentContent: The Three Mistakes of myLife’ is a story well told. Book hasmany interesting settings andsituation.Language: This book is written simplyand has the quality that makes onewant to read the book cover tocover in one sitting. 14. Other: None of reason for saving Aliare based on the fact that hes aMuslim, or they save Ali out of anymoral obligation apart from thefact that he is a potentialcricketing great.

Chetans notionsof nationalism and patriotism arejust too immature and simplistic. 15. ConclusionMany times our dreams crash intopieces by unexpected events butwith support from people around, wecan get back on track, focus andrebuild our dreams.Life will have many setbacks. Peopleclose to you will hurt you. But youdon’t break it off. You don’t hurtthem more. You try to heal it. 16. Thank You…

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3 mistakes of my life

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