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Clarence killed Essay

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This reveals that Richard plans to have Clarence killed, before his brother enters Richard utters, ‘Dive thoughts, down to my soul: here Clarence comes…’ This shows the audience that he is not going to be his true self in the next scene as if his thoughts dive down to his soul then they will be too deep down to surface, yet Clarence is not aware of his brothers falsities, and yet again, because of his acting ability Clarence thinks that his brother loves him.

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Richard claims not to know the reason Clarence is in the tower.

‘That you should be new-chisten’d in the Tower But what’s the matter, Clarence may I know?’ But he himself reveals his part in Clarence’s imprisonment in the soliloquy previous to this scene, ‘About a prophecy, which says that ‘G’…?’ Clarence’s’ naivety is seen the most before his murder when he says in desperation, ‘And I will send you to my brother Gloucester Who shall reward you better for my life …’ And even after the murderers tell him that his brother hates him he is adamant that they are wrong.

This scene, when Clarence is trying to bargain with the murderers, shows how dangerous Richard’s intelligence is, as little does Clarence know, it is his brother that wants him killed. Richard has lured Clarence into a web of deceit in which Clarence has become susceptible to Richard’s lies showing how dangerously alluring Richard is in this play Richard’s other personalities include, confident to the audience, in his soliloquies where he is his self. Lover to Anne, ‘Your beauty was the cause of that effect…’

Loving Uncle to the princes, ‘Where it seems best unto your royal self..’ Leader of his people, a devout pious man, ‘O do not swear , my lord Buckingham…’ and many, many more. This makes him alluring because his many sides make him an intriguing character as he his not two dimensional like the rest of the cast. His multiple personas make him dangerously alluring because it is difficult to say which of his personas his is utilising, and it would be difficult to believe him as it would be hard to tell whether what he is saying is an act.

For example when he is speaking with Clarence he seems genuinely concerned about his brother, ‘From whence this present day he is deliver’d?  We are not safe, Clarence, we are not safe!’ Perhaps without the aid of the soliloquies we would not know otherwise?. To conclude, I personally think that the two words ‘Dangerously alluring’ do justice to Richard’s manipulative ways. Richard suffers from chronic ambitiousness, and as a result he does not have a conscience. Richard lures people into his web of deceit and quickly exterminates them if they do not fit the mould. He is a dangerous character as; I think he does not see people as human but as pawns to manipulate on the way to the throne.

The factor that makes him most alluring is his multiple personalities which he explores throughout the play. His chameleonic ways are perilous because he can swap quickly for personality to personality making him interesting to the audience. This is not only perilous to the people around him, but also to himself as if he plays all of these characters he will soon lose himself in all of the pretence. By the end of the play he begins to deteriorate as personally I think that once he has achieved his main goal, he does not know what to do with himself, he quickly becomes paranoid and as a strong, dangerously alluring character, he collapses, and is no longer appealing to the audience.

He become guilty, mistrustful, and vicious compared to his previous character which oozed charisma. No longer is he Richard, the anti hero with an alluring personality, but Richard III who no longer has control over a world which he once had wrapped around his little finger. Once upon a time Richard was dangerously alluring but towards the end he becomes dangerously aware.

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