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Hotensio’s wife Essay

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Petruchio would say this in a condescending way because he thinks that a wife should obey her husband at all times and come to him even when she is busy. “Ay, and a kind one too…. You not a worse” Gremio would say this in a respectful way to Lucentio, but at the same time being contemptuous towards Petruchio. “Sirrah Biondello…. Come to me forthwith” Hortensio would say this in more of an imposing way than Lucentio did to summon his wife.

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This would make the audience believe that Hotensio’s wife would definitely obey him. Biondello exits the room the same way as before, through the oak doors, and you hear him running down the hall.

“I am afraid, sir…. not be entreated.” Hortensio says this very derisively towards Petruchio because both Hortensio and the audience still think that Petruchio is idiotically wasting his money. Biondello yet again comes back out of breath and with bad news. “She says you have…. You come to her.”He tells Hortensio this in a very disdainful way because Hortensio was becoming very overconfident about the bet especially after Lucentio had failed with Biannca.  “Worse and worse! “She will not come”…. Come to me”Petruchio is mocking Hortensio because his wife gave an even worse answer than what Biannca gave to Lucentio. He then tells Gremio to order Kate to come to him; he says this in a very superior way.

“I know her answer” Hortensio says this in a very pompous tone of voice. I would make Hortensio say it in this way because I want the audience still to think that Biannca is not going to come and that Petruchio will be disgraced. Just before the doors open the gentlemen are laughing at the expense of Petruchio because they think he has done all this boasting about Kate being tamed and she wont obey him. As soon as the doors open and the audience see Kate I think that they would be very surprised and shocked, so I would make all the actors except Petruchio to faint to add a comical side to this instant.

“What is your will, sir, that you send for me? Katherina would say this in a very delicate voice and whilst saying this she would curtsy. This would also be a shock to the audience because they are used to Kate being very forceful in her dialect and in her physical presence. “Go fetch them hither…. Bring them hither straight.” Petruchio would say this in a very condescending manner to Kate. As soon as Petruchio has finished Kate abruptly rushes off to fetch the other women.

“Here’s a wonder, if you talk of a wonder.” Lucentio says this in a very astounded way. He says this because he cannot believe what he is seeing, I would expect the audience to feel the same because throughout the play Kate has never done anything she did not wish to do. “Marry, peace it bodes…. sweet and happy.” Petruchio is saying that Life with Kate is going to be a happy one; the audience have started to see that Petruchio loves Kate and did all those cruel things so that she could live in peace with him.

“Nay, I will win my wager…. virtue and obedience.” Petruchio wants to prove what a good job of taming her he has done and how dutiful she is know. Kate then enters dragging Biannca and the widow by their hair through the large oak doors. When the door shuts she lets them go and walks towards Petruchio.”I would your duty…. Since supper time.”  Lucentio is very disappointed with Biannca and the actor would bring this out by saying these lines in a very saddened way. “The more fool you for laying on my duty.” Biannca would say this in a very patronising tone of voice. The audience would be quite astonished by Biannca’s reply to Lucentio because she is usually very quiet and obedient.

“Katherine, I charge thee…. Lords and husbands.” Petruchio wants Kate to tell the people how a lady should act towards her husband/lord. The crowd will think that although Kate has changed she will not lower herself to that level. But she does in a way that still leaves her with a vast amount of pride. Kate starts her speech by insulting the widow and saying that she should respect her master “Fie, fie unknit that threatening unkind…. Thy governor.” She would say this in a very sarcastic, but malicious way. I would get the actress to say it in that way because although Kate does respect Petruchio she also has her own will and she also wants to intimidate the widow. As Kate would be saying this I feel that she should walk towards the widow in an ominous manor. As Kate walks up to her, the widow would cower away into a corner. This will show the crowd that Kate is still domineering and robust.

“It blots thy beauty…. meet or amiable” Kate is saying that being angry all of the time hides the fact that underneath that fiery surface is a beautiful majestic lady. The audience will at this stage think that what Kate is saying is ironic because she was once fiery, but now the audience will start to realise that women who act this way disgust her. “Thy husband is thy…. Sea and land” This is where Kate is saying how she expects other women to feel about their husband’s because this is the way that she feels about Petruchio. Whilst she is saying this she will go up to Petruchio and kneel in front of him to show the audience how much respect she has for her husband.

“Too little payment for so great a debt…. owes the prince.” She is saying that women have a good life and hardly have to repay their husband for all the tasks he has to do for her. As she says this she will scan across the room glaring at the other wives as if to say that they do not repay their husbands enough and should be thankful that he hasn’t left them. “I am ashamed that women are so simple…. Love & obey.”

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