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PE lessons a week Essay

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Along with the need explained above Lucy will need other needs as she is a child. Lucy is growing and developing her Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and social needs all the time. Due to this Lucy will need health care needs as she will need Jabs from the doctors as she will need to be protected against diseases and illnesses. The school achieve this need of Lucy’s the school have school nurses which give the jabs to the children. Also they help her stay healthy as they make sure they are healthy in the lunches they provide and have a balanced diet, do regular exercise and have a good hygiene.

They also provide warmth for the children. They make sure that she is healthy and has a balanced diet they have school dinners which are healthy. They also provide health school dinners because a child needs to have food as it will help her brain to function well and learn properly. They provide these children with fruits at break time and healthy sandwiches and soups and rice and curry for lunchtime. It is important that Lucy gets some food like vegetables and fruits. They make sure that they have regular exercise the children have one or two PE lessons a week so they will be exercising at school even if they don’t exercise at home.

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They also help them to keep fit because they have two playtimes and one lunchtime a day. During these times the children will be running around the playground and playing with toys and skipping ropes so they will be exercising their muscles. They provide good hygiene as they provide the use of clean toilets for the children to access. They also provide cleans clothes for the children when they urinate themselves or other accidents occur. These services helps Lucy physically as she will be active all the time and will be normal size and not overweight or obese.

These services also help Lucy to build her stamina, suppleness and her strength so she is fitter than usual. It will help her intellectually as she is provided with education and experiences on new things everyday. It also helps her intellectually as she will be learning new skills and the main thing a new language which is the most important thing in her life. It will help Lucy emotionally as she will feel better about herself as she knows that people are there for her whenever she needs it. It will make her socially as she will have friends.

The subject that Lucy learns at school that helps her with her intellectual needs are: * Mathematics: the teacher teaches mathematics to the students and to the students as she uses blocks and large numbers to help them understand with what they are learning for learners who are visual. She also writes the solutions on the board so they can also see it and check their answers with the ones on the board. * Science: they are taught science through little object which represent the topics that they are studying. They also get A3 sheets of paper which have some objects and word on them and the pupils have to match them.

The teacher also uses worksheets and performs activities with them to help them understand in depth. * Literacy: they are taught literacy as the teacher reads to the children and then they are asked to answer questions on the story that the teacher has read out to them to see how much of the story they have understood. * Art: the teacher teaches them art mainly through making them draw pictures and paint them. The teacher also give the children printed versions of picture and make them colour inside the lines to make sure that they are neat. The developmental needs that Lucy will have are new experiences, education and books.

The placement meets Lucy’s need about new experiences as they provide Lucy with different types of environment throughout the school year. They also take the children to trips where they learn about different places and their related topics. They provide education as Lucy is taught everyday in school and also sets reading tasks for Lucy to carry out at home with her parents. The provide books for the children as they provide free reading books for the children and free exercise books for the children to write on. They also provide free pens, pencils, and other equipment to do with art.

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