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The inadequacy of motivation Essay

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Sixth, there are some individuals who are more successful than others because of their sicknesses and the discrimination that goes along with it. For example, there may be students who suffer from HIV/AIDS and they tend to drop out of school because of discrimination (Cape.. , 2006). Other students may feel and believe that they might catch the same virus if somebody carries it around the school, this consequently scares these students and will surely discriminate the student suffering from HIV/AIDS (Cape.

., 2006).

Of course the latter will feel alone and discriminated and will force himself or herself to just forget about his or her dreams and drop out of school instead (Cape.. , 2006). Comparing to students who do not carry any medical condition, they are more successful in college than those who are sick. Seventh is labeled as “the inadequacy of balance between analytical, creative, as well as, critical thinking” (Smith, 1923).

A college student should learn the skills of thinking analytically, creatively and critically to be able to survive through the courses needed to be accomplished to finish college, for without the aforementioned skills, it would be fairly difficult to pass college courses, much less finish a degree (Smith, 1923).

For some students who are not analytical, creative and critical thinkers, they are less successful as compared with those who are.

Last but not least has something to do with the culture of the learner’s environment: The first one that belongs to this category is technically referred to as “the inadequacy of motivation” (Smith, 1923). The trick here is to know the reason for studying. The student should know what his or her goals and objectives are, otherwise, when difficulties emerge, the student will have no motivation or reason to move on (Smith, 1923). The second is known as “the attitude of giving up easily” (Smith, 1923).

Everybody knows that it takes dedication, time, effort, patience, and a lot of mental energy to digest a new learning that if a student is bound to easily give up and get bored over repetition of things then most likely he will end up leaving college without graduating (Smith, 1923). Some students in college are more successful depending on their motivation and attitude.


Cape Gateway. (2006). Social Issues Affecting School. Retrieved November 13, 2007 from

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