22 Gifts for Your Mom

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Moms are some of the most amazing people in the world. Express just how much she means to you with one of these creative ways to show your appreciation.

Write her a song

You don’t have to be a talented musician to give your mom the gift of song. Just take one of her favorite songs and change the words into a celebration of her. For extra credit, makeup dance as well. Get your siblings to help.

Watch an emotional movie with her

Schedule a time to get together and watch a movie that moves you.

It’s a great way to relax together and build your relationship.

Write her a letter

A handwritten letter is a rare treasure that your mom is sure to appreciate. Tell her what she means to you and how her influence has made her the person you are. Thank her for everything she’s done for you throughout your life.

Have her car detailed

Many moms dream of a perfectly clean car.

Take your mom’s car to a detail shop and get it cleaned from top to bottom. If you want to save some money, do the detail job yourself, which shows that you put even more effort into your project for her.

Send her on a date with her bestie

Sometimes close friends are just too busy to set aside time to spend together. Give your mom’s best friend a call and a set up a time for them to go out.

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Provide them with a gift card to a restaurant or movie theater.

Get her a monthly subscription to something decadent

Does your mom love wine, beer, cheese, or chocolate? Give your mom a monthly subscription to something she will appreciate but might not buy for herself. A wine of the month club or similar membership will make her smile on a regular basis.

Volunteer together

Grab some bonding time with your mom by participating in a service project or volunteer opportunity together. Whether it’s building homes for the homeless, taking shelter dogs for walks or visiting a senior citizens’ center, you and your mom will enjoy spending time together while you help your community.

Recreate a picture from your childhood

Get one of your mom’s favorite pictures of you and your siblings as kids and recreate it as closely as possible. Wear the same clothes and strike the same pose that you did back then.

Bring her flowers

Surprising your mom with a big bouquet of her favorite flowers is a simple and very effective way of showing just how much you love her.

Write down family stories

Get together with your mom and write down stories from your family’s past. Include events from your childhood and hers as well as stories she remembers her own parents telling. Be sure to include births, weddings and other happy occasions. Put these stories into a book you can pass down to future generations.

Make her favorite meal

Give back just a little bit of all the time your mom spent preparing your meals by cooking something she loves. Serve it to her on a beautifully set table and don’t neglect the clean-up.

Explore a local tourist destination

Is there somewhere in your hometown you’ve been meaning to visit but never had the time? Take your mom to a historical site, a museum or on a tour of your city.

Sneak in a chore or two

Wait until your mom goes out and then clean her kitchen, scrub her bathroom or vacuum her floors. Coming home to a clean house is a priceless gift.

Give her a balloon bouquet

Bring some fun and festivity in your mom’s day with a bouquet of brightly colored balloons. Surprise her by stuffing them into her car or packing them into a hall closet.

Make a digital film from family photos

Scan your old family photos and create a digital slideshow your mom can view on her computer. You can even get creative by adding music, text, or videos.

Give her thoughtful jewelry

Most moms love jewelry. Make this gift even more special by choosing a personalized piece. Give her a ring featuring birthstones of you and your siblings, or give her a pendant engraved with special dates like her wedding day and the birthdates of her children. You can even have jewelry made with a photo.

Take a class together

Is there something you and your mom have always wanted to try? Taking a class together is a fun way to spend time learning a new skill.

Take a class in anything you enjoy like art, sailing, photography, or yoga. The possibilities are endless.

Set up a spa day

There’s nothing like a day of pampering to make a mom feel special. Make her an appointment for a manicure, facial and massage. You might even want to join her.

Leave notes in unexpected places

Write little notes telling your mom how much you love her, or write something silly to make her laugh. Stick these notes in her dresser drawers, in the refrigerator, on the bathroom mirror, or in her car. The little surprises will brighten her day.

Serve her breakfast in bed

This classic way of pampering your mom is still a tried and true method of expressing your love and gratitude. Make her favorite breakfast foods and serve them to her on a tray. Add details like a rosebud in a vase or fancy napkins.

Donate to a charity in her name

Find a cause your mom cares about and make a donation. Many charities will send a card to tell the recipient that the donation was made. You can make your own card if you like.

Find her some great apps

Do you know of an app that would make your mom’s life easier? Maybe it’s a personal organizer, a bird watcher’s guide, or a daily devotional. Buy it for your mom and load it onto her phone.

There are many ways of telling your mom that you adore her. Let these suggestions inspire you to show your mom just how much she means to you. Continue to always build a bond with her and regardless of our little problems every now and then, appreciate her, respect her and show her that you love her with all of your heart and soul.

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