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Going to college Essay

Going to college I hope to gain employment in business, hospitality or hotel management. All of my studies are geared towards gaining a Bachelor’s degree in one these majors and continuing on for my masters. Most of the larger full scaled hotel chain requires applicants to have a B. A. in one of these fields for consideration in their management trainee positions and I am presently working towards that degree. Some will consider a liberal arts degree if the applicant has already some experience in the hospitality field.

Hotels or businesses that offer fewer services than a full scaled business will fill training positions if individuals have an associate’s degree or possibly a certificate in hotel or any other human resource business and experience is also still required. Experience can be in the form of formal internships and also summer and part-time work experience in the hospitality business which is always an asset. Many universities and colleges offer certificate or degree programs that help individuals attain their associates, bachelors, or graduate degree.

Vocational and technical school can offer experience and opportunities for placement in the hospitality field. Instruction in administration, accounting, economics, food service, catering, housekeeping are just a few of the programs needed for a degree in hotel management. In more recent times computer training is also very important to management skills. In hotels, computers are used for anything from reservations and billing all the way to housekeeping. Many universities are helping students by directing their studies to follow this employment trend:

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Employers prefer new college graduates who have the following qualities: energetic quick learners; computer literate; good writers; confident public speakers; strong leaders and organizers; analytical thinkers and problem-solvers; excellent researchers; team payers aware of diversity and treating all others with respect and dignity; competency in a foreign language; open-minded to the global workplace; flexible and adaptable; willing to begin at an entry level position and work their way into more responsible assignments (Scheetz & Gratz, 1996).

These desired traits make an individual a very valuable employee that businesses consider during the hiring process. My desire is to possibly work in a full service hotel in hopes of gaining employment and knowledge as a lodging manager. I believe that this knowledge will in the future help me to own a small hotel or a bed and breakfast (possibly in a tropical or warm climate) of my very own. Lodging managers work for many hotels and motels but can also work with any business that deals with providing room and shelter for people.

There is also a possibility of gaining employment in companies that have chains of hotels or contracts for hotel chains. Companies that manage hotels under contract also employ individuals with degrees in lodge management (http://www. bls. gov/oco/ocos015. htm). According to statistics employment for lodging managers from 2006 to 2016 is expected to increase in growth as much as twelve percent. It is expected that there will be steady growth in domestic and foreign tourism that will give reason for this increase in job growth.

Most of the new jobs will arise among managers, including food service and lodging manager, financial managers, and marketing, advertising, and public relations managers” (Mittlelhauser, 1998). This kind of trend can be appealing to anyone interested in employment after college. After researching hospitality management I found that as well as being an enjoyable job with so much opportunity it is also a very secure industry with many, many opportunities.

I found that the possibility for travel most appealing as well as the pay scale when compared to the required education is very good. Gaining experience in the field is something that appealed to me, for the simple fact that I have worked part-time in the industry while attending college and with this experience along with my degree I feel very confident in finding employment after graduation.

In researching this topic I found out just how vast this industry is and was truly amazed. I don’t think that many people really pay attention to how much work goes into the industry to give the public the highest quality in hospitality. Education is the key for success and every step of the way I am working myself towards success in the hospitality business and in particular hospitality management. I’m looking forward to the adventure.

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